Kambosos Jr. Picks Haney for Decisive Victory over Garcia

By Robert Segal - 04/16/2024 - Comments

George Kambosos Jr. is picking Devin Haney to retain his WBC light welterweight title with a victory over Ryan Garcia this Saturday, April 20th, in Brooklyn, New York.

The former unified lightweight champion Kambosos, who lost twice to Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) in 2022, can’t see a path to victory for Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs). Kambosos feels that Ryan isn’t as focused as Haney and sees that making a difference.

Garcia’s Wealth and Its Potential Impact

Ryan, 25, has the power and speed, but he seems to be focused on enjoying the newfound wealth he achieved in the last year after making a boatload of money in his fight against Gervonta Davis.

Like anyone at Ryan’s age, it would be difficult to continue to work hard if you knew you had enough money to live in luxury for the rest of your life. That might explain why Ryan hasn’t seemed dialed in for this fight like he was before becoming rich.

Some would argue that Ryan is a smaller version of Andy Ruiz Jr. in terms of a fighter who lost his hunger after striking it rich.

There’s a good chance that Ryan will turn into a guy who hustles fights after if he loses to Haney on Saturday.

Ryan will call out fighters he has no business trying to fight, like Terence Crawford, and try and set up fights that give him big paydays but provide no entertainment value.

Haney’s Focus and Improvement

“I can’t see him winning this fight. I think Devin is getting better and better, and I think he’s going to be too good for him,” said George Kambosos Jr. to the Fight Hub TV YouTube channel, picking Devin Haney to defeat Ryan Garcia this Saturday.

Ryan has got a puncher’s chance of winning, but he’s going to have to put pressure on Haney the way Gervonta Davis did in sparring for him to land because he’s not someone who stays in the pocket. Haney throws single shots and then retreats.

If you move forward, he backs away or moves quickly to clinch. It’s a negative way to fight, but he’s effective at it. The reason Haney lacks a big fan base is tied into the negative style that he uses.

While it works for him, it doesn’t create much interest. Haney’s dad, Bill Haney, is his mouthpiece, does all the talking for him, and creates interest in his fights by being a troll.

“Devin is so focused, so zoned in, and in tremendous shape while Ryan is talking about who killed Tupace, and he knows what did it. I agree with some of the things that Ryan says. Devin Haney will win, and I can’t see a way for Ryan to win,” said Kambosos.

Kambosos Acknowledges Garcia’s Strengths

Ryan is a tough guy. I’ve seen him get put down by Luke Campbell. He got back up. Gervonta Davis caught him,” said Kambosos Jr.

“The first time he got up. The second time, a body shot. He couldn’t get up. Could there be a stoppage? Yes, but we have to wait and see.”

There won’t be a stoppage for Haney becaue he lacks power and is too focused on not getting hit. The only chance Haney would get a knockout would be to stay in the pocket and let his hands go. He won’t do that becaue it’s too risky standing in front of Ryan, who can punch.

“We’re two different types of fighters. Ryan is a big size type of guy, so that can play a factor. Devin had good size on myself. Devin has gotten bigger. Ryan has got that size as well. So that can be a factor. He’s got tremendous speed as well,” said Kambosos.

“The thing with Devin is he makes you fight his fight. Ryan is probably going to see his speed and size,” said Kambosos Jr.

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