Taylor’s Glass Body Breaks Again: Catterall Rematch Postponed

By Charles Brun - 03/14/2024 - Comments

Josh Taylor has suffered an injury, requiring the postponement of his rematch with Jack Catterall. They say the rematch could be rescheduled for late May, but who believes that?

The two were supposed to fight on April 27th in Leeds, England, but the fight will now be rescheduled for the tail end of May—first the robbery and now this. Oh well, Catterall will eventually get his chance to fight Taylor someday.

Mike Coppinger broke the news of the injury of 33-year-old former undisputed light welterweight champion Taylor. It’s unclear what problem he had this time, but it was enough to postpone the rematch.

Deja Boo-Boo: Taylor’s Injury Strikes Again

This is the second time a Taylor injury has caused a fight with Catterall to be canceled. The injury-prone Taylor isn’t cut out for the sport, at least when facing Catterall.

Is Taylor made of glass, or is this some kind of mind-body thing where he automatically falls apart when he’s scheduled to face Catterall? Some boxing fans believe that Taylor is flat-out scared of Catterall, which is his way of avoiding him.

After Taylor’s controversial 12-round split decision over Catterall in February 2022, they were supposed to fight a rematch in March 2023. Unfortunately, Taylor suffered a foot injury, which caused the cancellation of that fight.

Catterall: Boxing’s Ultimate Waiting Room Occupant

It would be a good idea for Catterall to cut his losses and move on already, as Taylor is no longer a world champion, and Jack would gain nothing from fighting him now, aside from the money from UK boxing fans.

For some reason, they still want to see the Taylor vs. Catterall rematch, even though no belts would be on the line, and it would be just a regular domestic-level scrap.

You got to feel sorry for Catterall (28-1, 13 KOs). He’s invested so much time in trying to get the rematch with Taylor, and now he’s left hanging, hoping that Taylor doesn’t get injured a third time to ruin their rescheduled match in late May.

This is purgatory for the 30-year-old Catterall, who should get a clue and move on. He’s thrown away much of the last two years of his career trying to get the rematch with Taylor, and he needs to focus on talented opposition, like Devin Haney or Teofimo Lopez.

Even Jamaine Ortiz would be a major upgrade for Catterall, but I’m not sure he would beat that guy.