Joshua vs. Ngannou: Big Purses on the Line in Saudi Arabia Showdown

By Charles Brun - 03/07/2024 - Comments

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will earn massive purses for their ten-round clash this Friday on DAZN PPV in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The loot that these two heavyweights will make is beyond words. His Excellency will shower the two giant fighters with a boatload of sweet, cold, hard cash over the heads of the former two-time heavyweight champion Joshua (27-3, 24 KOs) and Ngannou (0-1) in their headliner at the Kingdom Arena.

It’s unreal the amount of dough the two fighters will be getting in a fight that many fans view as a glorified exhibition-esque type of match, but it’s a true bout that will count in the recorded books. They’re getting a treasure chamber’s worth of money for this fight.

AJ’s Massive Money Haul

According to Forbes, Joshua’s purse will be a whopping $50 million, which is not bad to be facing a fighter with a 0-1 record who is just starting at the pro game. That money could shoot up depending on the PPV upside. If this event brings in over 1 million pay-per-view buys, Joshua and Ngannou will substantially increase their purses.

With an estimated net worth of $80 million, Joshua has already done well in his career and isn’t hurting for money. Still, getting a purse of $50 million+ for his fight with Ngannou is out of this world good, given that he’s not facing an established boxer like Tyson Fury or Zhilei Zhang.

Joshua isn’t risking his soft hide the same way against Ngannou, as he would be tangling with one of those two fighters. Fury is washed at this stage of his career, and the only thing AJ would have to worry about against him is getting hit with an elbow, rabbit punch, or mauled into submission. Fury was a good heavyweight before he got old and started having weight problems.

Still, it’s a harder fight for Joshua on paper than going up against Ngannou, who hits hard but is slow and mostly just a counter-puncher.

Ngannou’s Not Doing Too Bad Either

Ngannou has fought once, losing to Tyson Fury by a ten-round split decision in a non-title bout last October in Riyadh. For that fight, Ngannou received a purse of $10 million, far higher than what he’d received for any of his clashes during his career in the MMA world. For Friday’s fight, Ngannou will be getting a purse of $20 million.