Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson In Dallas On July 20: The Clown Show Continues!

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/07/2024 - Comments

Netflix has decided to throw its hat into the boxing ring, teaming up with the ever-so-distinguished Most Valuable Promotions for what they’re calling a “heavyweight boxing mega-event.” And who, you ask, are the stars of this grand spectacle? None other than Jake Paul, with his illustrious 9-1 record, facing off against the evergreen “Baddest Man on the Planet,” Mike Tyson, in what can only be described as a dazzling display of dollar signs dancing before their eyes.

This is Jake Paul’s “most significant” battle to date, coming hot on the heels of him knocking out some professional Uber drivers, a feat that surely has everyone’s jaws on the floor. And who better to test his boxing talent against than the legend of the ring, Mike Tyson?

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Jake Paul, bless his heart, is over the moon, reminiscing about the good old days when he went viral for knocking out a cab driver on Tyson’s undercard. Fast forward a few years, and here he is, ready to fight with Tyson himself. He’s practically bursting with pride at how his MVP is bringing about the “biggest fight in history” to Netflix, of all places.

Paul, MVP and Netflix are hyping this up as the ultimate tussle, a fantasy face-off that’s set to smash records and somehow bring together fans from the time of black and white TVs to the era of tweeting every thought. It’s such a big deal, such an earth-shattering event, that mere words seem to crumble in its awe-inspiring shadow. Netflix is all puffed up, ready to crown this mammoth confrontation as the jewel in their sports spectacle crown, serving up a hefty dose of drama, adrenaline, and a night you’ll probably tell your grandkids about.

This, my friends, is no noble contest of warriors battling for honor and glory. Nay, it reeks of a cash-fueled fiesta, a veritable money grab of epic proportions, with Tyson, the once feared predator of the heavyweight division, coming out of the shadows not for the love of the fight but for the sweet, sweet sound of cash registers ringing.

And who’s going to fork over their mommies’ and daddies’ hard-earned cash for this pay-per-view spectacle (debacle)? Yes, the diminutive TikTok and YouTube keyboard warriors.

This fight is the promised land for the TikTok teens and YouTube tykes, a veritable goldmine of meme magic in the making.. Forget about the art of boxing; this is about who can land the most trending hashtag. It’s like watching two different generations of clowns juggling their credibility in the center ring of the internet’s circus.

And let’s not forget the build-up, a masterpiece of cringe-worthy trash talk and social media spats that make you wonder, “Is this really happening?” Yes, dear fans, it is. And it’s as if the sport of boxing itself is sitting in the corner, face-palming, whispering, “What have I become?”

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