Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz: Haney’s Got This

By KenWoods123 - 03/28/2024 - Comments

Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz is picking Devin Haney to defeat Ryan Garcia in their fight on April 20th on DAZN PPV.

Cruz doesn’t give any reason for believing Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) will win, but it could be that he’s got a herd mentality of picking the guy that many think will triumph.

We don’t know if Cruz has an ax to grind with Ryan because they have previously traded insults. Pitbull might be Team Haney, but most knowledgeable fans know Ryan Garcia is the one to watch.

So What’s Ryan Supposed to Do?

Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) has the advantage in two key areas: his hand speed and punching power. These are things that Haney would die for but will never have.

As most know, Haney can’t punch and is surprisingly slow. He has the Mayweather fighting style but lacks Floyd’s hand speed. It’s weird. Devin has got the imitation Mayweather look down pat, but his slow-motion style of fighting is strange to look at.

Haney-Ryan will be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. Tickets have yet to sell out. Whose idea was it to sell tickets at astronomical prices for this fight?

It’s believed that the high ticket prices and Haney’s non-crowd-pleasing fighting style have scared fans away from spending their hard-earned money.

“I think Haney is going to win,” said Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz to the media, picking WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney to defeat Ryan Garcia on April 20th.

The Trash Talk We Didn’t Need

“Yes, I can,’ said Ryan Garcia to DAZN when asked if he believes he can outbox Devin Haney. “I do believe it. I feel like if I wanted to, I could outbox you. If I just moved on my bike, I can beat you at that. I just don’t want to do it. I can’t fight the way you fight. I’m sorry. I would be bored,” said Ryan to Haney. “I can’t. I need to get to it.”

“That’s why he was trying to get to it against Tank, and he ended up on his knees,” said Haney.

“If I was at 140, Tank would have got knocked out, and Tank knows that. Did you see how scared in his eyes when I hit him. I swear, I’ve never seen someone more scared in my life.”