Teofimo Lopez Sr. Wants Jamaine Ortiz Removed from the Sport

By Jamie Eskdale - 02/09/2024 - Comments

Trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. says he wants Jamaine Ortiz to be removed from the sport for not fighting against his son, WBO light welterweight champion Teofimo Lopez, last Thursday night at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

Interestingly, Teofimo Sr. says that he agreed with the 117-111 score one of the judges gave to his son, but he feels it should have been even wider, with Teo winning EVERY round. Unfortunately, that would have looked criminal if that had happened.

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Was Teofimo Gifted a Decision?

Fans overwhelmingly viewed the fight as a robbery, and Teofimo was given another controversial decision to accompany his victory over Sandor Martin in December 2022.

The outcomes of those fights make some feel that the judges are giving Teofimo special treatment due to his popularity and can’t be beaten by a decision.

Jamaine had said before the fight that he needed a knockout to win, feeling that the judges wouldn’t give him a decision and he turned out to be right.

Lopez Sr. claims that Ortiz (17-2-1, 8 KOs) was “literally running” the entire fight and was afraid to stop for fear of being countered by Teofimo (20-1, 13 KOs).

What fans saw was Jamaine frequently stopping and lighting up the slower Teofimo with speedy combinations before moving away. The skills advantage between Jamaine and Teofimo was huge, as the challenger was on a higher level.

Lopez Sr. Wants Jamaine Banned from Boxing

“I think the 117-111 was alright, but I had him winning almost every round,” said trainer Teofimo Lopez Sr. to Fight Hub TV about his son, Teo, easily winning against challenger Jamaine Ortiz last Saturday night.

“This guy was literally running because if he tried to throw, he would get countered,” said Lopez Sr, conveniently forgetting that Jamaine won virtually every exchange in the fight, and was too fast and skilled for Teofimo.

To this writer, Teofimo seemed too one-dimensional, limited, and lacking the ring IQ to deal with Ortiz.

Teofimo Sr. Claims No One Booed

“We’re happy with this win. They should get rid of people like this in boxing,” said Teofimo Sr., wanting Jamaine Ortiz to be removed from boxing.

“Nobody really booed. I don’t why he [Teo] said. Nobody was booing,” said Lopez Sr.

Unfortunately, the fans at ringside were booing nonstop after the fight, and increased raised the tempo during Teofimo’s interview after the contest.

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