Ryan Garcia Heats Up Haney Fight with Ominous Message: “He Might Need Carrying Out”

By KenWoods123 - 02/09/2024 - Comments

Ryan Garcia posted an ominous message about his April 20th fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on Instagram. He said Dev could be “carried out” if the match “isn’t stopped” at the right time.

The Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney fight will be announced today for DAZN PPV on April 20th, with Kingry expected to be the A-side and given top billing over the WBC champ Dev.

Ryan Needs a Knockout

Most boxing fans believe the 25-year-old Ryan has just a puncher’s chance of winning because he’s out of his league against Haney (31-0, 15 KOs), a knock-off version of Shakur Stevenson.

Haney is the equivalent of a fake Louis Vuitton replica of Shakur. He has all the same dull elements, but it is much larger at 165 lbs. If Ryan can’t land one of his left hook smash punches on Haney, he will lose 12-0 in a boringly one-sided contest.

Ryan wins by knockout over Haney in the best possible world, setting up a massive-money rematch. The money that could be generated from a second fight, with Ryan coming off an upset victory, would be out of this world good.

Garcia’s Words Raise Eyebrows

“April 20th Garcia vs. Haney – Game 7. This one is for everything… it counts now, Devin. This fight for me means everything. This is what I meant when I spoke on the PBD podcast, “I’m coming back for everything in Blood.” I ask you guys to pray for Devin and his health. Pray his dad stops this fight,” said Ryan Garcia on Instagram, announcing his April 20th fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney.

“He will be needed to be carried out if this fight doesn’t get stopped at the appropriate time. The details are going to come soon with ticket info.”

Ryan will have to focus on going for the knockout because he has no chance of winning a decision against the Shakur-esque Haney, who will be using the same pullback style that Stevenson employs on April 20th.

If you’re Haney, it would be a good idea to scrap his normal boring fighting style and actually go to war with Ryan in the center of the ring to increase his popularity.

That means Haney needs to abandon these poisonous things from his game:

  • Pulling back
  • Moving
  • Clinching
  • Roughing up
  • Jabbing