Keyshawn Davis’ Desperate Pursuit of Teofimo: Opportunism or Clout Chasing?

By Nationvegas - 02/17/2024 - Comments

A needy, desperate-sounding lightweight contender, Keyshawn Davis, wants WBO light welterweight champion Teofimo Lopez to send him a contract for the two of them to fight next.

Opportunistic or Strategic?

Since Teofimo’s poor performance against Jamaine Ortiz last week, the unbeaten Keyshawn (10-0, 7KOs) has been pushing hard for the fight with him.

There does seem to be a vulture-like quality in terms of the timing of Keyshawn’s mad push for a fight against Teofimo.

Is it just a coincidence that Keyshawn has chosen this moment with Teofimo looking inept against Jamaine and sounding like he was mentally unraveling post-fight?

It’s unclear if Keyshawn is being opportunistic about this, seeing Teo looking vulnerable and very beatable at this career stage, or if he’s using his name for clout purposes.

The Andy Cruz Question

The guy Keyshawn should be calling out is Andy Cruz, considering the Cuban beat him four times in the amateurs and pitched a near shutout in their 2020 Olympic finals.

Keyshawn has been really quiet about Cruz, making some believe he’s scared of him, not wanting to get beaten for the fifth time, and having his career thrown in the dumpster.

Top Rank would likely quit Keyshawn like a bad habit of Cruz making easy work of him in the pro ranks, another reason why Davis might be trying to line something up with the washed-looking Teofimo. If Keyshawn flees to 140, he’s putting distance between him and Cruz. It’s smart but sneaky.

Davis Pleads His Case

“All Teofimo has got to do is send the contract. We got the same promoter. We’ve seen each other in the Top Rank office. We can go to the Top Rank office and sit down, and we can make the fight happen,” said Keyshawn Davis to Fight Hub TV about his wanting to face Teofimo Lopez next.

“All he has to do is send me the contract, and the fight will happen. I will come up in weight. All Teofimo has to do is put stipulations in the contract, and I will sign it,” said Keyshawn when asked if he’d come up to 140 or ask for a catchweight for the Teofimo clash. “I hope it happens, too.”

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