Keyshawn Davis Asks De La Hoya for Kid Austin Fight

By Nationvegas - 02/11/2024 - Comments

Lightweight contender Keyshawn Davis asked Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya if he could fight Floyd ‘Kid’ Austin’ Floyd Schofield, and he said he’s on board with it happening later this year.

2020 U.S Olympian Keyshawn (10-0, 7 KOs) went up to De La Hoya to ask him to allow him to face the 21-year-old ‘Kid Austin’ Schofield (16-0, 12 KOs). If Keyshawn takes this fight with Kid Austin, he could live to regret, considering this guy is a far better fighter with real talent.

Keyshawn hasn’t improved since being trounced by Cuban Andy Cruz in the 2020 Olympics. Cruz schooled Keyshawn, beating him for the fourth time as an amateur and pitching a near shutout like he’d done in his previous three encounters.

The fights Keyshawn should be asking his promoter Bob Arum to give him are these guys:

  • Raymond Muratalla
  • Vasily Lomachenko
  • Abdullah Mason
  • Edwin De La Santos
  • Andy Cruz

Arum isn’t going to let any of those fighters face Keyshawn, considering he knows what would happen to him. It would spoil all the money he poured into his career.

It would be like Arum matching Teofimo Lopez against Subriel Matias and watching him get knocked out. The judges wouldn’t play a part in that outcome for Teo.

It was surprising that Keyshawn would ask for a fight with #4 WBA Schofield, given that it’s a dangerous fight that his promoter, Bob Arum, likely wouldn’t be agreeable to making.

Top Rank appears to be holding Keyshawn back, matching him carefully after his consecutive poor performances against Nahir Albright and Francesco Patera.

Last Thursday, Arum fed Keyshawn the faded 34-year-old veteran Jose Pedraza, who hasn’t won a fight in three years and has looked past it.

Oscar De La Hoya: “I seen you with my boy, Kid Austin. I know you guys were going back and forth. It was great,” said Oscar via Fighthype, talking to Keyshawn.

Keyshawn Davis: “Can you make it happen?”

De La Hoya: “Yeah.”

Keyshawn: “When do you want to make it happen, honestly?”

De La Hoya: “It could be this year.”

Keyshawn: “This year?”

De La Hoya: “Yeah, the end of the year.”

Keyshawn: “The end of the year?”

De La Hoya: “What do you think?”

Keyshawn: “Whenever you’re ready, I’m ready. The end of this year?”

De La Hoya: “It would be big. It would be big.”

Keyshawn: “Can we shake on that. Hey, y’all see Kid Austin at the end of the year. I got my boy, Oscar, here saying it. Me and Kid Austin at the end of this year.”

De La Hoya: “The end of this year.”

Keyshawn: “Let’s make it happen.”

De La Hoya: “We’ll do it big.”

Keyshawn: “Where should it be at, Vegas?”

De La Hoya: “Yeah, this is the place, the mecca of boxing or New York.”

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