Abel Sanchez: Benavidez Must Earn His Shot at Canelo

By Sean Jones - 02/15/2024 - Comments

Former trainer Abel Sanchez says David Benavidez hasn’t beaten anyone to merit a title shot against undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez.

Sanchez isn’t awed by the unbeaten Benavidez’s recent victories over 35-year-old inactive middleweight Demetrius Andrade last November or his twelve-round decision win over former Canelo knockout victim Caleb Plant.

Abel says Benavidez (28-0, 24 KOs) needs to defeat Jermall Charlo to earn a fight against Canelo. Interestingly, Sanchez doesn’t mention David Morrell Jr., who is super middleweight and looks unbeatable.

Benavidez should face Morrell if he wants to try to earn a fight with Canelo rather than the 33-year-old Jermall Charlo, who competes at middleweight.

You can predict that even if Benavidez beat Jermall, he wouldn’t receive credit because the guy has been inactive, doesn’t fight at 168, and clearly has problems outside of the ring that have wrecked his once-promising career.

Not Sold on the Resume

“Canelo, will he get more money to fight Benavidez? Will he get more money to fight Crawford or Charlo? It’s going to be the same,” said Abel Sanchez to Fight Hub TV. “I think David is the closest to merit that fight [with Canelo], but one fight isn’t going to do it.

“Look at the resume of Crawford. He’s never fought anybody at that level [168]. I would have liked to have seen Crawford fight Charlo, the bigger Charlo. Take him away from Canelo. If he beats Charlo, now we’re taking.

“You know who has the right to call the shots? Canelo because he’s already done it. look at what he’s done compared to the other guys. Andrade hadn’t fought in how long and is a 160-pounder,” said Sanchez, minimizing Benavidez’s best career win.

The Benavidez Challenge

“I thought David fought well in his last fight [against 35-year-old Demetrius Andrade], but he’s got to earn the right [to fight Canelo]. Quit talking so much and go out and fight somebody. Why hasn’t he fought [Jermall] Charlo? He has to stand in line for the guy that is running the show [Canelo].

“Canelo is the only one that has a right to call his own shots. Why? Because nobody has ever done what he’s done to this point. David hasn’t. David had one good win where we can say, ‘Wow!’ What did he do to Plant? He decisioned Plant,” said Sanchez.

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