War of Words escalates: Gervonta Davis taunts Devin Haney

By Robbie Bannatyne - 12/14/2023 - Comments

Gervonta Davis warned Devin Haney that his dad, Bill, would be crying after what he does to him if they met in the ring. The weight disparity between the two fighters will likely prevent it from happening.

Tank obviously wouldn’t want to deal with fighting a 165-lb Haney on the night of the fight, and not many lightweights would.

On Haney’s part, it would be a health risk for him to agree to a rehydration clause that would prevent him from rehydrating to 165-170 lbs because that’s his natural fighting weight.

Devin likely wouldn’t want to put his health at risk by not being permitted to rehydrate to super middleweight or light heavyweight or a fight with Tank.

At this point in Haney’s career, he’s physically much bigger than the 5’5″ Gervonta, and there would have to be stringent weight stipulations for a fight between the two stars to take place.

There are two sides of this. On Tank’s part, he shouldn’t have to fight a 165-lb Haney and be giving up 30 lbs in weight to the taller, heavier fighter. That would be grossly unfair.

Looking at it from Haney’s perspective, a weight cut to 137 on top of a rehydration clause of 10 to 12 lbs, limiting him to weighing in at 147 to 149 for the secondary weigh-in on the day of the fight would be dangerous for him.

Obviously, that’s why weight classes exist; it’s impossible to have a middle ground when it involves fighters of vastly different sizes.

Can the super middleweight-sized Haney drain to 135-137 to fight Tank Davis, or is he just too big to make that weight?

With Haney’s size, he should be fighting at 168, facing killers like David Benavidez and David Morrell, rather than being a weight bully, trying to lure the much smaller 135-lb fighter Gervonta into fighting him.

In the real world, Haney should be campaigning at super middleweight, fighting Morrell, or Benavidez instead of him combing the lower weight classes, looking for money fights.

If Benavidez were to do the same, he would be widely criticized by fans, at least the ones who are informed, but Haney is getting away with it.

Devin Haney: “Let’s make it happen. I’m free.”

Gervonta Davis: “I promise you that your father is going to cry for what I’m going to do to you, and that’s on my dead homie. Your best bet is to enjoy it while you can.”

A 165-pounder like Haney pressuring a 135-pounder for a fight doesn’t make sense. It shows that the 25-year-old Devin is desperate for money and is ignoring weight classes to cherry-pick an opponent five divisions below him in size.

This comment by Tank Davis doesn’t necessarily mean that he’ll be fighting WBC light welterweight champion Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) because he would likely need to agree to weight stipulations involving a catchweight and rehydration to prevent him from rehydrating to 165+ lbs.

Can Haney comply with the rehydration clause?

Many believe Haney is too proud to agree to a rehydration clause for a fight with Tank. It wouldn’t be safe for Haney to drop down to a catchweight, and then have to deal with a second hurdle, a rehydration clause that would limit him to gaining back 10 to 12 lbs overnight instead of the 25 lbs that he rehydrated to for his fight against Prograis lat Saturday night.

Even if Haney wanted to, physically, he probably can’t do it because the guy is a super middleweight [168-pounder] in size. Haney could probably kill himself to melt down to a catchweight of 137 lbs, but he would need to rehydrate overnight to 160s for him to fight to perform.

Yesterday, Tank took shots at Haney following the reports that he’d rehydrated 25 lbs, ballooning up to a shocking 165 lbs for his clash against 140-lb WBC champion Regis Prograis in the Bay Area. Gervonta feels that Haney is cheating, and a lot of fans agree with him.

This stuff goes over the heads of casual fans who aren’t in tune with weight classes and just want to watch Haney & Tank fight. If a heavyweight presses Tank Davis for a fight, they’d probably want to see that, too. 

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