Prograis’ coach & Bill Haney – heated exchange

By Raj Parmar - 12/06/2023 - Comments

Devin Haney’s dad had a heated verbal argument with Regis Prograis’ strength coach, Evins Tobler, today about how Saturday’s fight will play out when the two meet in their headliner on DAZN PPV.

Tobler made it clear that he views the former undisputed lightweight champion Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) as a “runner” with a weak resume filled with low-level “bums.”

It’s hard not to see it his way because once get through the last four or five fights on Haney’s resume, there’s fluff as far as the eye can see. Tobler insists that Prograis (29-1, 24 KOs) will get to Haney and knock him out.

What Prograis must do to KO Haney

  • Use foot speed to cut off ring
  • Fight through clinches
  • Nonstop pressure
  • Combination punching
  • Rough him up

The only name on Haney’s resume that is impressive is Lomachenko, and that fight had a controversial ending that made Devin look like the judges protected him.

Bill predicts that Devin will be the one doing the knocking out on Saturday night in their twelve round fight at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

He thinks Haney will break the 34-year-old Prograis down and stop him at some point. Bill isn’t giving any rounds, which makes sense because why would he tip off the enemy?

Prograis’ coach and Bill Haney debate Saturday’s fight

Bill Haney: “One thing about this thing is if you need help, let him step up here, and you can step off the stage because you’ve been doing good,” said Bill to the media.

Evins Tobler: “What I told you is pure fact. I don’t talk no s***. I give you facts. The facts about your son [Devin Haney] is he hasn’t fought nobody in his career that is going to be this crazy.

Bill: “Do not distract him.”

Tobler: “These are facts. Look into the cameras and tell them. You can’t explain. I already know.”

The bout between Regis Prograis and Devin Haney this Saturday night promises fireworks, but there’s a looming worry: the judges. With a history of controversial decisions in boxing, particularly with Haney, both fighters will need to be dominant to avoid leaving their fate in the hands of the officials.

Regis obviously has more to worry about than Haney because he’s the B-side, older, and fighting in his hometown.

For Haney, a victory could set up a blockbuster fight against Teofimo Lopez or Josh Taylor. Ideally, the Lopez matchup would finally materialize after falling through at 135 pounds. Boxing needs to continue delivering these champion-versus-champion encounters to keep fans engaged in 2024.

Bill: “Track coach, you guys possess the ability to apply some pressure. My son is going to knock him the f***k out.”

Tobler: “No, your son is going to get knocked out for the first time in his whole career. What power? He don’t got no power. He’s got 15 knockouts. He’s knocked out 15 bums. What power?”

Bill: “He’s going to come for Devin, and we’re going to knock his a** out.”

Tobler: “Your son is going to get knocked out like I told you. He’s getting the f*** knocked out. However that is, that’s the way it’s going to be. He ain’t ran from nobody, but your son been running.”

Bill: “Is he going to come, or is he going to box?”

Tobler: “Your son is going to be running. They call your son a runner.”

Bill: “Are you coming to box, or are you coming to fight?”

Tobler: “We’re coming to fight.”

Bill: “We’re going to knock him out. I guarantee you that we’re going to knock him out.”

Tobler: “Your son is going to get knocked out.”

Can Haney knockout Prograis?

Bill: “He’s going to get knocked out and his career is going to be over with. I guarantee. You see what it is. He’s full of folly and melancholy. That shows you at 25-years-old, we’re a team that is prepared. We’re a team that is seasoned, and you see what’s going on.”

This heated exchange serves as a stark reminder of the intense emotions and rivalries that fuel the sport of boxing.

While trash talk is a common element of pre-fight promotion, the personal nature of this exchange elevates the stakes and adds a layer of unpredictability to the upcoming fight.

It remains to be seen whether the words of their fathers will motivate or distract the fighters. Ultimately, it will be Devin Haney and Regis Prograis who will settle the score on fight night, leaving no room for second-guessing or empty boast.

“What I do say is who asked for all this s*** other than Devin Haney? Who asked to put up with this kind of s***? This aggravation, this humiliation, and all this other stuff, right? But we do it for the people.

“That’s why Devin is going to show you in 72 hours why he’s the #1 best fighter on the planet, and he wants all the smoke. The man is going to get knocked out. The man has been over here playing, talking. I see he don’t got no game plan,” said Bill about Prograis.

“I see there’s no confidence over there. So, guess what? We’re going to go get him there. Regis don’t run like a b***. Let’s go. Regis Prograis is nothing to play with. He’s knocked out twenty-something people.”

Bill wants Regis to come to fight

“You can deliver a fight, but then you’ve got to go out and execute it. That’s yet to be determined, the power,” said Bill Haney. “Devin is the best-skilled fighter in boxing. I’ll say that over and over again, but the thing about it is, we have a five-pound cushion that we can land safely and different than at 135 lbs.

“As far as looking for another skill set or looking for something different to handle Mr. Prograis. I think Devin has enough in his arsenal, enough in his toolshed. Devin has the best feet in boxing. It’s not a half-step back. He does it all,” said Bill.

We can expect Haney to stick to his usual strategy of utilizing a jab-heavy attack from the outside, peppering Prograis with counterpunches. For Prograis to prevail, he must avoid leaving his right side of the head exposed, as he did against Taylor, or Haney will capitalize with his potent right hook.

While Haney possesses the power to knock out Prograis, it’s unlikely he’ll take excessive risks. He will likely stick to his defensive-minded boxing approach, aiming to control the fight with his jab and counter-punches. A loss for Haney would be a major setback and lead to much criticism, given his pre-fight confidence.

“I think we’re overmatched from a skillset standpoint. A lot of the chat and banterl,” said Bill. “We want Regis Prograis to stand on business, and we’re going to see if he’s the fighter he is or is he really the b***. Didn’t he say the Haney’s are b****? They’re ain’t no b*** in us.

“If you feel like that, come to fight. Don’t come bull s***. Come to fight, or everybody is going to know who the b*** is. We haven’t brought anyone [for sparring] that was any different than the Lomachenko camp,” said Bill when asked about whether they brought in bigger punchers to help Haney prepare for Prograis’s power.

“We brought in 147-pounders, and we were also looking for 154s. We did make some adjustments by bringing in some 147s and even looking at some 154s.

Ultimately, the judges could play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of this fight. Both fighters must be wary of this and leave no room for doubt. A clear, convincing victory is the only way to guarantee that the judges don’t become the story of the night.

For boxing fans, Saturday night offers a thrilling clash between two skilled fighters. However, a shadow hangs over the event due to the unpredictable nature of boxing judging. Let’s hope for a clear, decisive victor and another chapter in the ongoing saga of boxing’s elite at 140 pounds.

“Very much so. That’s the next weight class up,” said Bill when asked if it’s true that Haney will be moving to 147 soon. “We were at 135, and we looked up at 140 as a possibility. Now, if we’re victorious on December 9th, that’s the next weight division.”

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