Boxing Hall Of Fame: Class of 2024 Announced In Canastota

By Amy A Kaplan - 12/07/2023 - Comments

This just in! The International Boxing Hall of Fame, gearing up for its 35th birthday bash next year, just rolled out the red carpet for its latest gang of fistic legends who’ll be basking in glory at the Hall of Fame Induction Shindig, June 6-9, 2024.

Who’s on this star-studded list, you ask? None other than Ricky  Hatton, Michael  Moorer, Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon, and posthumously, Diego Corrales, crashing into the men’s Modern ring. Jane “The Fleetwood Assassin” Couch and Ana Maria Torres are duking it out in the Women’s modern corner. And hey, don’t forget the cornermen – trainer Kenny Adams, manager Jackie Kallen, and mouthpiece Fred Sternburg are in the mix too. Pen pushers Wallace Matthews, the late Nick Charles, and the legendary Luis Angel Firpo (also posthumously) aren’t left out. And let’s give a round of applause for Theresa Kibby, making her mark posthumously in the women’s Trailblazer line-up.

These champs were picked by the crème de la crème of the boxing scribblers and some history buffs who really know their jabs from their hooks. You can sneak a peek at their life stories at

Edward Brophy, the big boss of the Hall of Fame, is over the moon about this, saying they’re chomping at the bit to roll out the red carpet for these boxing titans.

This four-day bash in “Boxing’s Hometown” promises to be a knockout, with all the trimmings: ringside chinwags, fist casting, a night of fisticuffs, a 5K dash, an autograph bonanza, a grand banquet, a parade, and of course, the crowning ceremony.

Now, let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth:

Ivan Calderon: “This is the cherry on top, folks! Dreamed of it, boxed for it, and now I’m Hall of Fame material!”

Ricky Hatton: “Blimey, who’d have thought? Lacing up at 10, and now I’m hobnobbing with boxing legends. I’m gobsmacked and over the moon!”

Michael Moorer: “Absolutely chuffed! From the ring to the Hall of Fame Wall, rubbing shoulders with my heroes. I’ve made it to the big league!”

Jane Couch: “Stunned, I am! Absolutely buzzing. Can’t wait to hit Canastota and hobnob with everyone!”

Ana Maria Torres: “What an honor! Me, in the Hall of Fame! Big thanks to my family – feels like winning another championship!”

Kenny Adams: “This is it, the pinnacle of boxing glory. Couldn’t be happier!”

Jackie Kallen: “I’m so excited I could burst! Recognized for my 45 years in the sport – what a thrill!”

Fred Sternburg: “Stunned Working in boxing’s been a blast, and now I’m joining the legends. What an honor!”

Wallace Matthews: “Never in it for the glitter, just for the love of boxing. Being honored with the greats is both a great honor and humbling.”

Michelle Corrales-Lewis (for Diego): “Overjoyed! Diego’s legacy lives on at the Hall of Fame. He’d be grinning from ear to ear. Thanks to everyone who saw his heart and hustle in the ring.”