Boxing Results: Nicholas Walters Stuns with Comeback Victory Over Joseph Adorno

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/27/2024 - Comments

Nicholas Walters, the man they call “The Axe Man,” chopped down expectations and served up a huge a upset. At 38, when most fighters are hanging up their gloves for good, Walters decided to throw a wrench into the works of Father Time, clinching his most significant victory in nearly a decade. Yes, you read that right—almost ten years!

Last night in sunny Florida, Walters turned the tables on Joseph Adorno, the youngster with “Blessed Hands” who probably thought he had this in the bag. But Walters, hailing from the land of reggae and resilience, Jamaica, wasn’t there to play second fiddle. He outpaced, outpunched, and outright outclassed Adorno over ten rounds of great lightweight action, making the judges’ work easy with scores that spoke volumes: 98-91, 97-92, and a close 95-94, all in Walters favor.

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Now, let’s not breeze past the fact that Walters has been more ghost than boxer since 2016, with only a pair of fights to his name. Yet, here he is, with a record of 29-1 (22 KOs), making us wonder where he’s been hiding all this firepower. Adorno, on the other hand, might be doing some serious soul-searching, his record dented to 18-4-2 (15) after what can only be described as a schooling by the veteran.

Walters, wielding his jab like a master swordsman and hammering away at Adorno’s defenses with a relentless body attack, controlled the fight. Adorno did have his moment in the spotlight, rocking Walters with a right hook to the dome in the sixth, but alas, couldn’t seal the deal. And let’s not forget the drama in the ninth, when Adorno’s after-the-bell antics cost him a point.

This victory isn’t just another notch on Walters’ belt; it’s a beacon for comeback kings everywhere, proving that age is just a number and determination can defy odds. Once feared across the featherweight division for his knockout power.


  • Joseph Adorno vs. Nicholas Walters: Adorno (18-3-2) lost by unanimous decision to Walters (28-1-1) in a lightweight bout.
  • Jesus Saracho vs. Starling Castillo: Saracho (13-1-1) lost by split decision to Castillo (18-1-1) in a super lightweight bout.
  • Omar Juarez vs. Clarence Booth: Juarez (14-2-0) won by unanimous decision against Booth (21-9-0) in a super lightweight bout.