Ryan Garcia slams Bernard Hopkins ahead of Oscar Duarte fight

By Dan Ambrose - 11/28/2023 - Comments

Ryan Garcia got riled up today when told that Bernard Hopkins, one of the executives for Golden Boy Promotions, said that he’d decide whether Kingry should fight again after his match this Saturday night against Oscar Duarte.

Garcia immediately made it clear in an interview with Brian Custer that Bernard has nothing to do with whether he’ll continue his career, and he sees this as another sign that his promoters don’t believe in him.

Ryan says he’s the only Golden Boy left who makes them money, and he doesn’t understand why they would “disrespect” their only fighter who brings in the dough.

It’s unknown how many fights Ryan Garcia has remaining on his contract with Golden Boy, but if this Saturday’s fight with Duarte (26-1-1, 21 KOs) is his last, he could be moving on to a different promoter unless they can convince him to re-up for another hitch.

If Ryan does leave Golden Boy, it’ll be interesting to see where he winds up. Going to PBC might be a risky situation, given that they don’t have a network broadcaster given that Showtime is done with boxing after this year.

Going to DAZN would be a logical choice for Ryan, but if he wants to have a lot of visibility, fighting on ESPN for Top Rank might be a better option. They currently promote Shakur Stevenson, but perhaps not for much longer after his latest poor performance.

Ryan (23-1, 19 KOs) will be looking to bounce back from a loss to Gervonta Davis when he faces 135-lb contender Duarte in a twelve round headliner fight at 140 on December 2, at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas.

Ryan Garcia vs. Oscar Duarte event will be shown on DAZN at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Ryan predicts a lot of begging

Brian Custer: “Bernard Hopkins, one of your promoters, told Fighthype, ‘I’ll see how Ryan looks and make my personal decision on whether he should fight again,'” said Brian on his YouTube channel.

Ryan Garcia: “What the hell does he mean, ‘I’ll make the decision?’ He ain’t going to make s***. He can’t make s*** about me. You know what?

“The crazy thing is, I’m going to box my a** off, and it’s going to be great, and then I’m going to box my a** off for a team [Golden Boy Promotions] that don’t even believe in me, but damn, they’ll collect that money I’m making them.

“They’ll collect that $6 millions, though, but you don’t know if I should box again, but you made that money off that fight, though. Yeah, shut up. Watch, when I win, that’s just what it’s going to be.”

It’s vital that Ryan Garcia not lose his fight this Saturday night against Duarte because Golden Boy is feeding him a soft touch, as this guy lost to the only semi-decent opponent he’s faced during his career.

If Ryan defeats Duarte, there’s a good chance he’ll fight Devin Haney next if he gets past WBC 140-lb champion Regis Prograis. Ryan vs. Haney would be huge for next year and make both guys tons of money.

“I’m going to look at them like, ‘Bro, don’t even mess with me,’ because I’m so sharp right now. I have no worries that I’m going to look great,” said Ryan. “They’re going to like a salty X. Like, ‘Dude, I wish I stayed with him. I wish I was nice to him. Why didn’t I speak better to him. Please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Come back, baby. Come back.’ Shut up!

“I’m just tired. How is your own team talking s*** about you? Just think about that. No, think about it. Why would your own team talk s*** about you? That makes no sense. Why would you do that?”

Golden Boy boss Oscar De La Hoya won’t be bitter if Ryan beats Duarte, as that’s obviously what he wants. He won’t be happy to see Ryan leave the company if that’s what’s in the cards for after his fight with Duarte.

Brian Custer: “It’s a good point. Absolutely, it really is.”

Ryan Garcia:  “I’m their [Golden Boy Promotions] only fighter. What other fighter is going to make them money? None, so why would you disrespect your only superstar fighter right now?”

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