Terence Crawford Dominates Errol Spence Jr – Fight Results

By Boxing News - 07/30/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: At the T-Mobile Arena, in Las Vegas, Nevada Terence “Bud” Crawford dominated IBF, WBA, WBC champion Errol “The Truth” Spence Jr., ending the fight via stoppage at 2:23 of the ninth round of a scheduled 12 rounds.  This one-sided fight was punctuated by Crawford securing three knockdowns, demonstrating his strategic brilliance.

In the first round Spence outworked Crawford. In the final seconds of the second round Crawford landed a left to the neck and a right on the chin dropping Spence for an 8-count from Referee Harvey Dock.

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In the fourth round Crawford had Spence bleeding from the nose and out landing him throughout the round having Spence’s face red as a beet. The ring physician came in between rounds checking Spence.

In the fifth round Crawford continued getting the better of Spence. In the sixth round Spence warned for low blows. Crawford continued showing more power taking another round.

In the seventh round after a minute a right hook from Crawford on the chin and down went Spence for an 8-count from Referee Dock. In the final seconds Crawford again dropped Spence for an 8-count.

In the eighth round Crawford continued having his way until the final thirty seconds when Spence came back with some offense. In the ninth round Crawford continued the beating until Referee Dock wisely had seen enough and called a halt after eight unanswered punches.

In the co-feature WBC Silver Light champ Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz, 25-2-1 (17), #134.6, of Mexico City, MEX, won a sloppy split decision over Giovanni Cabrera, 21-1 (7), #134.2, of Hollywood, CA, over 12 rounds for the WBC Silver and vacant WBO Latino titles.

In the first two rounds the taller southpaw Cabrera moved around the ring landing jabs as Cruz with hands held high couldn’t catch up to him. In the third round Referee Thomas Taylor warned Cabrera for holding as Cruz finally got in some punches.

In the fourth round Cruz finally landed a solid punch a left hook to the side of the head of Cabrera midway in the round. In the fifth rounds final forty seconds Cruz caught Cabrera with an uppercut right followed by a left hook to the chin making him hold on.

In the sixth round Cabrera had Cruz against the ropes landed jab after jab doing enough to take the round. In the eighth round Cruz was deducted a point due to a head butt. In the ninth round Cruz got the best of Cabrera held too much in a continuous sloppy fight. In the tenth round Cabrera did more slapping than punching having Cruz against the ropes for the most part.

In the eleventh round Cabrera outworked Cruz for the most part. In the twelfth and final round Cruz got the best of Cabrera for the most part ending a not so pleasing fight for the many fans.

Scores were 114-113 each and 115-112 Cruz as did KH.

Former 4-division world champ Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire, 42-8 (28), #117 ¼, of Talibon, PH, and Las Vegas, NV, was upset by Mexican Super Bantam champ Alexandro “Peque” Santiago, 28-3-5 (14), #117 ½, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, over 12 rounds for the vacant WBC World Bantam title.

In the first two rounds Donaire seemed to be loading up while Santiago was in and out scoring points. In the third round Donaire opened up scoring a left hook causing a cut to the right eyebrow of Santiago. In the fourth through the sixth round Santiago had more hand speed giving Donaire problems.

In the seventh round a clash of heads caused a second cut on Santiago on the left eyebrow. He came back well in a close round. Referee Celestino Ruiz had the ring physician check the cut. In the eighth round

In the eleventh round Donaire almost slipped to the canvas missing a punch. Santiago continues outworking the former champ. In the twelfth and final round Donaire knowing he needed a knockout chased Santiago for the first minute before both mixed it up but it was too little too late for Donaire who looked his age of 40 at the end with both marked up and the winner looking worse than the loser.

Scores were 115-113 and 116-112 twice with 117-111 KH.

Super Bantam southpaw Jose “El Chapulin” Salas Reyes, 13-0 (10), #121 ½, of Tijuana, Baja California, MEX, stopped Aston “Mighty” Palicte, 28-6-1 (23), #123 ½, of Bago City, PH, at 1:30 of the fourth round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the fourth round Reyes dropped Palicte with a left hook for an 8-count from Referee Allen Huggins stopping the fight when Palicte couldn’t continue.

Super Middle Olympian Steven “So Cold” Nelson, 19-0 (15), #167 ¾, of Omaha, NEB, dominated Rowdy Legend Montgomery, 10-5-1 (7), #166 ¾, of Victorville, CA, over 10 rounds, for the vacant WBA Continental Americas title.

Scores were 99-91 twice and 100-90. Referee was Mark Nelson.

Middle Yoenis Tellez, 6-0 (5), #155 ½, of Santiago de Cuba and Stafford, TX, stopped Sergio “El Nino” Garcia, 34-3 (14), #155 ½, of Torrelavega, SP, at 2:02 of the third round of a scheduled 10 rounds.

In the first two rounds too much holding and Referee Robert Hoyle warned Garcia. In the third round Tellez hurt Garcia who almost went down with a right on the chin. Tellez followed up with a flurry of punches dropping Garcia for an 8-count from Referee Robert Hoyle. Tellez jumped all over him until the Referee Hoyle called a halt with Garcia complaining of the mishandling.

Super Feather southpaw Demier “The War Machine” Zamora, 12-0 (9), of Las Vegas, NV, defeated Nikolai Buzolin, 9-5-1 (5), of Tyumen, RUS and Brooklyn, NY, over 8 rounds.

Referee was Mark Nelson. All scores 80-72.

Kevin Ceja Ventura, 11-1 (8), of Omaha, NEB, lost by decision to Deshawn Prather, 16-1 (2), of Kansas City, MO, over 6 rounds.

Scores were 57-56 by all judges.

Super Light Jabin Cholett, 8-0 (7), of San Diego, CA, stopped Michael Portales, 3-2-1 (1), of Hayward, CA, at 1:58 of the second round of a scheduled 6 rounds.

In the second round Referee Robert Hoyle called a halt.

Super Feather southpaw Justin Viloria, 3-0 (3), of Whittier, CA, stopped Pedro Penunuri Borgaro, 6-1 (3), of Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, MEX, at 0:41 of the fourth round of a scheduled 6 rounds. Referee was Robert Hoyle.

Ring Announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr.