Mairis Briedis wants Derek Chisora next, says he agreed

By Boxing News - 01/13/2023 - Comments

By Sam Volz: Former three-time cruiserweight champion Mairis Brieidis says he wants to fight heavyweight Derek Chisora next. Briedis (28-2, 20 KOs), who turned 38 today, says he already spoke with Chisora (33-13, 23 KOs) and asked if he’d like to fight, and he says he agreed.

Now whether the recently beaten 39-year-old Chisora was serious or not is unknown. Chisora might have just agreed without being serious because he’s accustomed to being involved in well-paying fights.

A match between Chisora and the former IBF, WBC & WBO cruiserweight champion Briedis probably won’t interest a lot of boxing fans, even though the Latvian fighter is still one of the best fighters in the 200-lb division.

Chisora would have his hands full against Briedis, and it’s difficult imagining him coming out victorious against the slightly younger fighter.

Although there’s only a year separating the 39-year-old Chisora and the 38-year-old Briedis, Derek looks considerably older and is fighting nowhere near the same level.

If that fight happens, Briedis would likely knock out Chisora, as he did when he stopped heavyweight Mahmoud Charr in the fifth round in 2015 in Grozny, Russia.

“I always come when I’m hungry. It’s like a big buffet,” said Mairis Briedis to iFL TV when asked why he is in London. “They have a lot of boxers, a lot of cruiserweight, a lot of heavyweights. I want to come here to make some meal.

“I spoke with Derek Chisora. I asked him, ‘Let’s go; let’s make a challenge. Let’s make fight tomorrow’ because I’m not ready; he’s not ready. I’m in preparation, and we’ll see what’s happening. Six rounds, eight rounds.

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Chisora is still useful as a trial horse for the young British heavyweights to use as a name opponent to bring in the crowds. As such, Chisora might not want to waste one of his losses on Briedis because he’s got to save himself for the young lions to use him as an opponent.

“He said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Yes, definitely tomorrow,” said Briedis when asked if he wanted to fight the 39-year-old Derek Chisora. “Why not? He’s here. I don’t need to scream [at] somebody. I come, and I ask. I have a video. I can show you.

“He says, ‘Yes, ready.’ This is my offer for him, and he says ‘yes,’ we shake the hands, and we will see