Shawn Porter Pulls Out Crystal Ball To Predict the Future

By Boxing News - 08/02/2022 - Comments

By Vince D’Writer: When you look at the history of sports, an athlete will make a comment about a certain subject, and then when everything is said and done, we can go back, laugh, and crack jokes in regards to the comment not aging well. Shawn Porter made a comment a few weeks ago, and instead of not aging well, the comment aged like fine wine. His hypothetical took the form of a dart and it landed directly on the bullseye.

Jake Paul had Madison Square Garden reserved for August 6 as he was scheduled to battle Tommy Fury. Paul labeled the clash as the biggest risk of his career because Fury was going to be his first opponent who is an actual boxer. The quote seemed laughable for the simple fact that most boxing fans view Tommy Fury as a Reality TV star playing the role of a boxer. Once Fury experienced travel issues and was forced to pull out of the match, a true boxer stepped in to take his place.

Heavyweight boxer Hasim Rahman Jr. stepped in to fill the void, but in order to fill it adequately, a request was made for Rahman Jr. to lose 25-30 pounds and come down to cruiserweight. True boxing fans who aren’t impressed with the level of competition Jake Paul has been fighting, went on record to give Paul credit for agreeing to step in the ring to fight an actual boxer who has a good pedigree. Then all of a sudden lightning strikes a week before the fight, and because of the weight issue, the fight was cancelled. Few people saw the cancellation transpiring, but one man spotted it with pinpoint accuracy, and he has the video evidence to prove it.

The recently retired Shawn Porter is a former two-time welterweight champion who was a tremendous boxer and an equally impressive student of the game. Currently, Porter is the host of The Porter Way Podcast. Porter uses his platform to give boxing fans an inside look to what goes on in the boxing game, and he also systematically breaks down certain elements of the game to a point where every boxing fan is able to understand what’s going on. During an interview that took place approximately two weeks ago, the knowledgeable Shawn Porter gave his take on the potential matchup between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr.

When Porter was asked why the Paul camp picked Rahman Jr., Porter responded by stating, “They’re picking a fighter that practically just got knocked out, but even beyond that he’s in a higher weight. They’re going to ask him, force him to pull his weight down.” After Porter gave his response, he proceeded to give his hypothetical. “Let’s say Hasim Rahman and his camp are like they understand that he’s trying to get us to suck ourselves down, we’re only going to go here. They’ll massage it… Jake Paul, they’ll massage it. They’ll cancel the fight and make it all Hasim’s fault.”

Porter would conclude his hypothesis by pointing out the fact that Jake Paul also utilized the hydration clause to cover all of his basis. In hindsight, that was the Porter prediction, and then a few weeks later everything that Porter stated, actually happened. Shawn ” Showtime ” Porter is a two-time champion who has a high boxing IQ, and he has a knack for predicting the future. Porter has proved that when he makes a prediction, it’s not a laughing matter and his words do indeed age well.