John Fury: Why should Tyson make Whyte rich?

By Boxing News - 11/22/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: Tyson Fury’s dad, John, says he doesn’t want his son to make Dillian Whyte rich because of the bad things he’s been saying about him. A

according to John, he would dump the WBC heavyweight title in the trash bin rather than make a millionaire out of a fighter he feels isn’t nice.

John says Whyte (28-2, 19 KOs) should honor his contract with Otto Wallin once his alleged shoulder injury heals before looking to get a title shot against WBC heavyweight champion Fury.

Whyte is waiting for the World Boxing Council to order Fury (31-0-1, 22 KOs) to defend against him next. Still, the WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman said last week that their hands are tied at the moment due to Dillian’s arbitration case with them.

Once the arbitration case ends, the WBC will decide whether to order the Fury vs. Whyte fight or tell Dillian that he’s out of luck.

Unfortunately for Whyte, the arbitration case could stretch into 2022, which means his chances of getting a title shot soon against Fury are virtually nil.

Fury says he’s going to fight next in February or March, and his team is likely already scouting around looking for potential opponents.

John Fury: Fighters want to get RICH off Tyson

“Dillian Whyte should honor his contract with Otto Wallin,” said John Fury to Rob Moore. “He had a deal with the man. He signed the contract; fight him. Tyson Fury fought Deontay Wilder three times.

Image: John Fury: Why should Tyson make Whyte rich?

He [Whyte] should be forced to fight Otto Wallin. Honor his engagement [against Wallin] and then fight Tyson. Let Tyson fight somebody else.

“The only problem with these guys is giving people who dislike you and hate you a payday. Those people haven’t got one good word to say about Tyson, yet they want to get rich off Tyson.

Why should Fury make Whyte rich?

“This injury [of Whyte], the alleged injury, give him a few weeks and reschedule [with Wallin]. If he’s not confident of beating Otto Wallin, which is why he’s not fighting him, how is he going to best Tyson?

“But I’ve got a problem giving him [Whyte] paydays because they’re not nice people. They got nothing good to say about us; they got nothing good to say about Tyson, so why make him rich?

“Pi** on the [WBC] belt and chuck it in the bin rather than make people like that rich. Them kind of men, no. Are they worth making millionaires out of? I say NOT.

“If I had my way, they’d get nothing out of me unless they do it nice. They’ll either be nice to me and respect me as the champion that I am, or they’ll get nothing out of me. They’ll get nothing out of me.

John Fury: Eddie Hearn is jealous of Tyson

“I’d chuck the belt in the bin, but can Tyson afford it? I’d say not. Tyson’s prices are high these days, as well they should be. Eddie Hearn, he’s so jealous of Tyson. I’ve watched some of his interviews, and I can see the jealousy oozing out of him.

“Well, he’s [Hearn] no longer thought of as the #1 guy anymore. He thought he had everything in AJ. He’s not good, AJ no more. He’s a tarnished product now, even though I think he can come back and win his titles [against Oleksandr Usyk] back.

“Eddie Hearn now is showing me now what I always thought he was, a spoiled kid. He’s jealous of everybody else. People like you to do well in life, but not as well as them.

“Tyson has gone to another level; he’s out of orbit, he’s out of reach of all these men, and they don’t like that. It irritates them, and they can’t sleep at night over it because it’s that green-eyed monster again. They wish they were in that position.

“They only want to talk about the bad stuff in everything Tyson does, so I’m irritated and bothered about giving them a payday. If I had my way, they’d get nothing, even now.

“Tyson thinks I’m an idiot like the rest of my sons, but I’m no fool, believe me,” said a highly agitated John Fury.

If Fury gives up his WBC belt, it’ll make Hearn happy because the sanctioning body will almost surely elevate interim champion Whyte to the new belt-holder.

Once Whyte has the WBC title, Hearn will push HARD to have him challenge the winner of the Anthony Joshua vs. Oleksandr Usyk II rematch. Without the WBC title, Fury could be the odd man out and left in the dust without a strap.

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