Caleb Plant coming for Canelo Alvarez’s belts on Nov.6th

By Boxing News - 10/27/2021 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: IBF super middleweight champion Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant says he’s coming for Canelo’s WBA, WBC & WBO 168-lb belts on November 6th, and he’s going to be relieving him of the burden of holding onto them.

Canelo, 31, has something that Plant wants with his three titles, and he’s going to be taking them off the Mexican star.

As far as Plant is concerned, this is him doing his part in weeding out the 168-lb division of fighters that don’t measure up.

Canelo has gotten this far at 168 with a lot of careful match-making by his promoters, and that’s going to end on November 6th.

Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) predicts a hard night for Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) on November 6th when they headline on SHOWTIME PPV at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


“It’s personal for me. Any fight is personal for me,” said Caleb Plant to Showtime. “I sacrificed a lot and dedicated my life to the sport.

Image: Caleb Plant coming for Canelo Alvarez's belts on Nov.6th

“There’s a lot I want to accomplish, and I take the sport really serious, and so for anybody that is in my way,  it’s personal for me.

“Whether it’s him or whoever it is, it’s going to be personal for me. Like I said, I can’t wait for the bell on November 6th, and I’m ready.

“I’m grateful, and I’m appreciative of the press that I’m getting, but honestly, I’m not here for the press, I’m not here for the media, and I’m not focused on my name or my face being on  Las Vegas boulevard.

“I’m here for those belts, and I’m before that win. That’s all I’m focused on,” said Plant. “The first couple of rounds are going to be tough, the middle rounds are going to be tough, and the late rounds are going to be tough. He’s got a tall order in front of him,”  said Plant said of Canelo.

All that gold hardware that Canelo has collected from arguably the three paper champions from the UK, Rocky Fielding, Callum Smith, and Billy Joe Saunders, could be handed over to Plant at the end of the night on November 6th.


“I’m prepared, I’m focused, my team is ready, and I’m just encouraging everybody to tune in because it’s going to be fireworks,” said Plant on his November 6th bout with Canelo.

“I think there are some guys that have lost the fight before the bell rang, and I think that’s one reason why he’s so irritated with me.

“Some guys come in, and they’re just there to let him win and hand over their belt, get their check and leave.

“But anybody that knows me or anybody else knows that I’m not here for the media, I’m not here for the press, and I’m not here for the check. I’m here for those belts, and I’m here for the win.

“There’s a lot of things that I possess that are going to give him issues in the fight,” said Plant about what he’s going to be bringing to the table to trip up Canelo.

“This is honestly been my best camp, and the best sparring that I’ve ever had and the most sparring partners that I’ve ever had,” said Plant.

“I’ve had a lot of different looks. It’s been a great camp, no injuries, no anything. So I’m ready to rock,” said  Plant.

If the 28-year-old Plant is having the best training camp of his seven-year professional career, that’s terrible news for Canelo.’

It means he’s getting Plant at his best, and it’s going to be tough to defeat him.


“It would mean everything,” said Plant when asked what it will mean to him to beat Canelo to become the undisputed super middleweight champion. “I’ve dedicated my life to the sport, and I’ve sacrificed a lot.

“Again, I’m not here for the media or the press. I want my name in the history books. And I want, you know, a thousand years from now when they speak about boxing; I want them to bring my name up.

“November 6th, that’s a big step in that direction, and it’s a big step in cleaning out and clearing out the super middleweight division.

“I’ve got a  big opportunity in front of me, and I haven’t done anything to mess it up.  I haven’t taken any shortcuts in my training in any aspects of my training.

“Not only does that go for this camp but all my camps. I’m prepared physically, mentally, spiritually, and I’m just locked in,”  said Plant about his fight with Canelo.

There are many scrubs in the super middleweight division that Plant needs to clear out so that the true talents are leftover. It remains to be seen if Canelo is one of the genuinely talented fighters at super middleweight or a product of careful match-making.

Canelo’s opposition at 168:

  • Billy Joe Saunders
  • Avni Yildirim
  • Callum Smith
  • Rocky Fielding
  • Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

It’s easy to see that Canelo has fought less than the best since moving up to 168 in 2018, and it should be interesting to see how he does against Plant.

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