Frank Warren previews Fury vs. Wilder 3 & Joshua vs. Usyk

By Boxing News - 09/13/2021 - Comments

By William Lloyd:  Tyson Fury’s promoter Frank Warren says the ONLY way former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay ‘Bronze Bomber’ Wilder has of defeating his man is to knock him out on October 9th.

Warren doesn’t believe that Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) will have enough improvements with his boxing skills for him to beat Fury, and he thinks he thinks it’s going to be the same result as the first two times.

Wilder and his trainer Malik Scott would do well to listen to what Warren is saying because he’s dropping some real pearls. If Wilder tries to outbox Fury, he has no chance of winning.

The ONLY thing Wilder can do for him to win is to swing for the fences with his right hand and hope that he can catch Fury with a big enough shot to knock him out.

Malik has spent much of his training camp with Wilder working on having him throw combinations, using head movement, and fighting on the inside.

Wilder doesn’t look comfortable with the way the changes that Malik has made with his game, and it’s difficult to believe he’ll be successful using them against  Fury.

If anything, Wilder would be better off making one small change to his game by staying off the ropes. That would be an easy one for him.

Wilder’s only chance is to knockout Fury

“I don’t know,’ said Frank Warren to iFL TV when asked if Tyson Fury will have his most difficult time against Wilder on October 9th compared to the other two fights with him. “Tyson has got his number.

Image: Frank Warren previews Fury vs. Wilder 3 & Joshua vs. Usyk

“Look at the two fights they’ve had,” Warren continued about the Fury vs. Wilder rivalry. “In the first fight, he out-boxed him. He got robbed and got off the floor twice, especially that last round. I don’t know how he got up, but he did it.

“In the second fight, he [Fury] destroyed him. I think he’s got his [Wilder] number, but that’s why I think it’s going to be an exciting fight.

“I believe the only way Deontay Wilder can win the fight; he’s not going to outbox Tyson Fury, not at this stage of his career. He’s NOT going to learn to be a better boxer.

“His [Deontay] only way to beat him is to knock him out, and the only way he’s going to knock him out is to come forward and fight him. So you’re going to get an explosive fight,” Warren said about Deontay needing a knockout of Fury to get the win.

Warren is probably right about Wilder only having a puncher’s chance of beating Fury because he’s not going to outbox him.

All that work that Wilder has been putting in with his new coach Malik Scott in learning how to box could be wasted time. Wilder should be working on head movement, not letting Fury tie him up, and making sure he doesn’t back up against the ropes.

It’s not going to work for Wilder if he uses a lot of movement because that will rob him of his punching power. That’s the main asset that he has going for him.

Wilder, 6’7″, isn’t going to out-jab the 6’9″ Fury because he lacks power in that area, which is strange because he’s known for being a huge puncher. But the power that Wilder possesses is only in his right hand.

He never learned how to develop his jab or left hand, and it’s too late now for him to improve enough to use them as weapons against Fury.

In watching Wilder’s workouts with Malik, his jab and left-hand shots are as weak as always. Also, Deontay’s inside game looks terrible, and he’s going to get chewed up if he tries to fight Fury in close.

Joshua loses if it goes 12 rounds

“He proved it at cruiserweight,” said Warren about Oleksandr Usyk. “He was fantastic, and he’s made his mark in that weight division. He was a superb cruiserweight.

“He’s done everything you could ask for. He’s come up a weight and fought Chazz Witherspoon, went seven rounds, and he fought Derek Chisora. So now that he’s [Usyk] is up there and comfortable, I don’t think he’s a natural heavyweight.

“I bet you if he still needed to, he could probably still make cruiserweight. Who knows? But Anthony Joshua must be the favorite for the fight. He’s the bigger guy, much bigger, and he’s a bigger puncher.

“Having said that, if he [Joshua] doesn’t get rid of him, and if he’s still there after five or six rounds, then it gets to the end of the fight, if that goes 12 rounds, I would fancy Usyk to get the decision because to get there, he’s going to have to outbox him.

“He’s [Usyk] obviously a very smart operator, and you know how he’s going to fight. He’s going to get inside, get underneath AJ’s jab, and if he can do that and work inside, he can give him a lot of problems. We don’t know because we want the big fight,” said Warren.

Joshua has been working hard, losing weight, and focusing on his boxing skills for the Usyk fight. It’s generally believed that Joshua, 31, will try and box his way to a 12 round decision rather than trying to crush Usyk with his size and power.

We saw Joshua’s template against Usyk in his rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr. and in his fight with Joseph Parker.

Surely, Joshua will box Usyk using the Wladimir Klitschko style to avoid running out of gas in the later rounds.

If Joshua plays it safe, staying on the outside, jabbing and holding all night, Usyk will need to take risks to try and get to him.

That’s what Joshua and his trainer are counting on because he’ll then unload with his heavy artillery on Usyk to get him out of there.

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