Arthur Abraham stops Stieglitz

By Boxing News - 07/18/2015 - Comments

By Jim Dower: WBO super middleweight champion Arthur Abraham (43-4. 29 KOs) came out on top tonight in defeating 34-year-old Robert Stieglitz (47-5-1, 27 KOs) by a 6th round knockout on Saturday night at the Gerry Weber Stadium in Halle, Germany. Fighting each other for the fourth time in the last three years, Abraham knocked Stieglitz down twice in the contest.

Abraham knocked him down with a jab in the 4th, which arguably should have been ruled a slip, and then flattened him in the 6th round with a right to the head. Stieglitz was badly hurt after getting up from the canvas and was ready to continue fighting. However, Stieglitz’s corner waived the white towel, causing referee Earl Brown to stop the fight at 1:14 of the 6th.

Stieglitz looked like the better fighter of the two through the first four rounds. He was the faster and busier fighter. However, he ran into as hard right hand early in the 6th round that appeared to shake him up. Abraham then opened up with a salvo of hard combinations until dropping Stieglitz with a perfectly thrown right to the head.

Abraham got perfect leverage on the right hand, and it’s not surprising Stieglitz went down after getting hit. Stieglitz slid to the canvas in a delayed reaction to the punch. He didn’t go down immediately. It was more like slow motion with him coming unglued after getting caught with the punch.

Abraham was complaining for jaw pain after the 4th round, and it looked like his jaw was swollen. The injured seemed to create a sense of urgency in Abraham because he fought much harder starting in the 5th round, and looked like he was trying to score a knockout in order to keep the fight from being halted due to his jaw injury.

This isn’t the first time Abraham suffered a jaw injury. In his first fight against Edison Miranda in 2006, Abraham suffered a broken jaw in the fight. But he was able to continue fighting with his mouth open from the 5th round on. With blood leaking out of his mouth constantly, Abraham won the fight by a 12 round decision in Germany. The fight was really won with the 5 points that Miranda had deducted for low blows and a head-butt. Most of the low blows were on the belt-line. Without the point deductions against Miranda, Abraham would have lost that fight.

With this victory, Abraham now is up in the series with Stieglitz 3-1. Supposedly this was the last fight between the two German based fighters, but it’s likely they’ll continue to fight each other because the money is too good and there’s tons of interest in their fights from the German fans.

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Leon Bauer TKO 2 Misa Nikolic
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Noel Gevor UD 8 Lukasz Rusiewicz
Mike Keta TKO 3 Aliklych Kanbolatov

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