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Mayweather Jr says Pacquiao has Marquez problems so why should he fight him?

By TFF: I’ll never understand why Floyd Mayweather Jr’s boxing cheerleaders are so gullible and when I say cheerleaders there is a reason for it. It’s a loaded comment that is catered at the casual boxing fan that just take that comment as the holy gospel truth based off superficial facts.

Yes, it’s true that Manny Pacquiao has had problems fighting Juan Manuel Marquez effectively in the past, but it’s more of how he’s fought Marquez that has given him problems that ultimately led to the his KO.

We can all agree that Timothy Bradley beat Marquez more convincingly than Pacquiao ever beat him, right? And in turn, Pacquiao has beaten Bradley twice. In fact, both fights were relatively easy for Pacquiao. The 1st fight obviously being a terrible judge decision loss for Pacquiao, but his dominance was because he out boxed Bradley with his superior speed and footwork; something that he’s never done in a Marquez fight. Why do you think Marquez doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao anymore? That’s because if there was a 5th fight with Pacquiao, he knows that Pacquiao would use his speed and footwork advantage to dominate him and he couldn’t handle that type of fight with Pacquiao. So Pacquiao possesses at the very least the skills to give Mayweather problems because he’s a complete polar opposite skill wise to Mayweather Jr.

True, boxing fans can understand the term “styles make fights” but those who buy the whole Pacquiao has Marquez problems song and dance from Floyd are just casual boxing fans or boxing cheerleaders who can’t understand why there is a real difference between an aggressive counter punching boxer and a defensive counter punching boxer.

Marquez is of the first type and Mayweather is of the second type. Marquez will find openings during his opponent’s attack for a more devastating yet risky counter; whereas Mayweather will wait to counter off his opponent’s punch or just wait till the end of his opponent’s attack and land as his opponent is in recoup stage, meaning Marquez risks getting KOed himself every time he engages with Pacquiao to land that lightning in a bottle punch he landed in their last fight. Mayweather Jr will never engage when Pacquiao is charging at him. In addition to all that, Pacquiao has the speed to get out of Mayweather’s counters or at the very least many of them.

As a true boxing fan and a fan of Manny Pacquiao, I want him to get in that ring and dominate Mayweather Jr or get dominated by Mayweather Jr. We true boxing fans can take it one way or the other. These guys are the top P4P boxers of this era so why fear for them?

Mayweather Jr has been so effective at selling himself, his skills and such a glamorous lifestyle to his fans in such a way that they actually fear for him risking a loss at the hands of Pacquiao, and I completely understand the valid points of this. It would be devastating for Mayweather Jr to lose to Pacquiao after all the years of “he’s not worthy to fight me” talk and even more so running the risk of getting KOed or completely dominated at the hands of Pacquiao. It would be an ego blow beyond devastation with that many people watching worldwide, especially when you’re on your way out for retirement. All this I can understand if Mayweather Jr would just retire right now, but he has 2 more fights under contract to go so why not risk fighting Pacquiao and make as much money in that fight plus a possible rematch than he’s made in his entire career?

The money is huge. Floyd has made about $400 million in his career in shy of 18 years. He can make close to that in 2 fights with Pacquiao. The numbers might be inflated but at the very least each fight would net him a lot more than the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fight did and that was huge. Would you risk it? I’m not a boxer and I certainly would without thinking twice, for a boxer it should be a no-brainer to get paid the most possible while doing your job. There is risk involved for both fighters so don’t let anyone tell you any different. If Floyd agrees to fight Pacquiao, then you’ll see his gears shift and say he took this fight because Pacquiao is a living legend in the sport just like him and the 2 boxing living legends need find out who’s better. That’s why this fight is worth what it’s worth right now, because of the unknown factor. There are a lot and more boxing analysts that would say that Mayweather Jr would beat Pacquiao if they fought but none would be willing to truly bet on it. If they fight the odds would be 50/50 or very close to even. I cant wait to see it

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