Carson Jones shoves Kell Brook at weigh-in

By Boxing News - 07/12/2013 - Comments

brook125By Scott Gilfoid: Welterweight contender Carson Jones (35-9-3, 25 KO’s) showed who’s boss at today’s weigh-in with unbeaten #1 IBF, Kell Brook (29-0, 19 KO’s) by giving him a hard shove when Brook started yapping about Jones pushing him with his head when the two fighters came head to head during their stare down for tomorrow night’s fight at the Craven Park Stadium, Hull, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Both fighters successfully made for the 152 lb. catch-weight fight. It was Brook’s teams’ idea to have the fight take place at 152 because he hadn’t fought in a while due to injuries. Jones wanted the fight to take place at 147 like normal welterweight fights are, but Brooks’ team wanted the catch-weight. Jones weighed in at 151.75, and Brook came in at 151.

It was weird how Brook suddenly started having a fit when Jones leaned forward while the two were head to head. Brook started jabbering 6 bits to a dozen and finally got sick of Brook’s blabbering and gave him a hard shove that sent Brook flying three feet backwards.

Instead of rushing forward to get in Jones’ face like a lot of fighters would have done, Brook stayed where he was at and complained bitterly about the shove and gave Jones a lot of dirty looks. I heard someone from the crowd shout “Smash his gob,” but Brook was having none of it and stayed safely on the outside far away from Jones.

Jones did a great job of winning the weigh-in, as he seemed to dominate the entire affair from start to finish. During his weigh-in, Jones started some body building poses that looked incredibly authentic just like what an actual body builder would be doing if he were on the stage. It was pretty impressive stuff to watch.

Last year in July, Brook defeated Jones by a controversial 12 round majority decision in a fight that saw Jones sweep the last six rounds of the fight. The scoring was just awful in my view. I had Jones winning, but I would have been okay with a draw as well. No way was Brook winner of that fight.

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