Audley says he’s going into the lockdown zone for Deontay Wilder fight

harrison3323By Scott Gilfoid: British heavyweight Audley Harrison (31-6, 23 KO’s) mentioned that he’s now officially going into the “lockdown” mode for his upcoming April 27th fight against knockout artist Deontay Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) at the Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield, Yorkshire, United Kingdom.

Audley said on his social media site: “Okay folks. Time to lockdown and go into the zone.”

Okay, if I was to decipher that blather I think what Audley is saying is he’s going to start working out really hard and concentrating with his full mental powers on the fight with Deontay so he doesn’t screw up again and get knocked out in the first three rounds like he did against David Price and David Haye.

Supposedly, Audley was in the lockdown mode against those guys, but he still ended up getting destroyed. Heck, if the lockdown isn’t working all that well then Audley might as well continue with his other interests while he’s working out.

If the end result is likely going to end with him getting KO’d whether he goes into lockdown or not, why not have a good time while getting ready for the fight. It’s called multi-tasking. You can’t just put all your eggs in one basket and then end up with nothing if things go as bad as they usually do when he steps it up.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Audley has his usual retirement threat, saying “Lose and it’s over, win and I’m in the top ten for sure, eligible to challenge for the world title.”

Oh man, how many times is Audley going to mention retirement for his fights? I can hear Audley already saying this after he gets destroyed by Deontay on April 27th: “Setbacks pave the way for comebacks!” Some kind of self-help mumbo jumbo to justify him continuing with his sagging career

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