Fury Camp Casts Doubt: Are Wilder and Wallin Diminished, or Tyson Elevated?

By Charles Crimes - 01/17/2024 - Comments

John Fury says Deontay Wilder and Otto Wallin didn’t look like the same fighters that had fought his son, Tyson Fury, in their recent losses to Joseph Parker to Anthony Joshua.

Big John sees it as a case of Fury wearing Deontay and Wallin out, leaving the shells that Parker & Joshua easily beat.

Instead of giving Parker and Joshua credit for their wins, John surmised that Tyson had taken “everything out of them” in his victories years ago.

Is John Protecting Fury’s Resume?

Some believe that John is in damage control mode now, trying to put a spin on why Wallin & Wilder lost because those defeats wrecked Tyson Fury’s resume, taking the shine away from two of his best wins in the last five years.

John is doing a bit of resume protection for Fury by trying to explain away why Deontay and Wallin looked so bad in their losses.

Wallin deserved a victory over Fury in 2019. Wilder had Fury knocked out cold in the 12th round in their first fight in 2018, only to see a referee give a count while Tyson was unconscious.

Fury had to labor hard to win a twelve-round unanimous decision against Wallin in 2019, in a fight that arguably should have been stopped due to a massive cut that Tyson had received early in the contest.

“Otto Wallin was s*** scared of Anthony Joshua. Fair play to AJ; he looked like a man on a mission. Wallin never turned up, just like Deontay Wilder never [showed any inspiration against Joseph Parker],” said John Fury to Secondsout.

“I’ve never seen anything as bad as Wilder in my life. I was looking at two different people in Wallin and Wilder; those were not the people who fought Tyson. Tyson probably took everything out of them.”

There was damage done to Wallin in terms of heavy shots that would explain how he looked in his recent sixth-round stoppage defeat against Joshua last month on the ‘Day of Reckoning’ card on December 23rd.

Wilder’s fight against Parker showed that he’s NOT a world-class fighter and never was. He’s just a guy who punches hard, and he took advantage of Fury’s weak chin and his bad habit of fighting with his hands down. Fighting with your guard down against a puncher like Wilder is dumb.

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