What now for Adamek? Should he stay at heavyweight or move down?

By Boxing News - 09/11/2011 - Comments

Image: What now for Adamek? Should he stay at heavyweight or move down?By Dan Ambrose: Tomasz Adamek (44-2, 28 KO’s) was badly exposed by WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko (43-2, 40 KO’s) last night in Adamek’s 10th round TKO loss in Poland. Vitali showed that the 6’2″ Adamek is simply far too small to compete against a large heavyweight like him and his brother 6’6″ Wladimir Klitschko.

Adamek looked almost like a little sparring partner running around trying to get a champion ready for a big fight. It was comical from the very start and became a cruel joke by the bitter end in the 10th. So what now for Adamek? Should he stay at heavyweight and go after the WBA paper heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin or move back down to cruiserweight where he previously held the IBF title and was considered the best fighter in the division by a lot of boxing fans.

If Adamek stays at heavyweight, he needs to focus on trying to fight Povtkin, who is roughly the same height as Adamek but with a bigger frame. That’s about the best you can really hope for if your Adamek. He doesn’t stand a chance against Wladimir, because he would be at an even more of a disadvantage against him than Wladimir’s brother Vitali.

I don’t know how they would sell a Wladimir-Adamek fight. I know it would do well in Poland, but it would likely do poorly in the U.S and in Germany. Adamek would need to come back from the Vitali loss by beating some top level fighters for boxing fans to want to see him in with Wladimir, and unfortunately Adamek has been reluctant to take on really good opposition during his two years as a heavyweight.

Ideally, Adamek will move back down to crusierweight and go after Marco Huck, Denis Lebdev, Leteef Kayode, Danny Green or Antonio Tarver. I’d also like to see Adamek face Chad Dawson again if Dawson can get by Bernard Hopkins next month in their fight on October 15th. He shouldn’t have any problems making crusierweight because he’s weighing in the neighborhood of 215 right now and he can easily shed 15 pounds.

But if he stays at heavyweight I think he’s doomed for failure. Wladimir would destroy Adamek, and Povetkin is also too powerful and rugged for him. Adamek can’t even wait out the Klitschkos, because he’s 34, and by the time they’re gone, he’ll be older and having to deal with some good heavyweight contenders that could beat him.

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