Santiago’s Pound for Pound Rankings and Boxing Predictions

By Boxing News - 09/22/2009 - Comments

mayweather4334By Liam Santiago: My most recent predictions have mostly all gone the wrong way. I predicted Witter to beat Alexander, Campbell to beat Bradley and Judah to stop Hatton Jnr in four rounds (that fight fell through). I am starting to wonder, am I cursed? Well, i’m going to make a few more predictions, starting with Pac-Man.

Pacquiao vs Cotto – Although Cotto is coming down in weight, I can’t see that two pounds having a major influence. If you look at Cotto and Pacquiao standing side by side at a baseball stadium, or wherever they go on their promotional tours, you will notice Cotto is only about half an inch bigger than the Filipino. Size will not favour Cotto as much as many people are predicting. Yes, he is more natural at welterweight, and that will favour him. However, I think Pacquiao will maintain his speed and finesse at 145 pounds. Does that mean I am picking Pacquiao? Bullsh*t. I’m picking Cotto by late stoppage.

Cotto is simply too powerful for Pacquiao. Like I have said, size is not a major factor, but, Cotto is a natural massive puncher. He hits like a beast. He also has under rated boxing ability and footwork. In fact, I will be more precise and predict the knockout will come from a body shot.

Klitschko vs Arreola – Klitschko on points. It’s that simple. The older of the Ukrainian sisters will just jab and move all night, with the odd right hand here and there. It will look something similar to Mayweather vs Marquez, only you won’t see the kind of slickness and talent Mayweather possesses.

Mosley vs Clottey – If this fight happens, I will go for Clottey on points. I believe this guy is the most under rated fighter in the welterweight division. Cotto was bashed for not doing a better job against him, but, no one has stopped to think, maybe this clottey guy is just a very, very good boxer. Mosley is also, but I think Clottey will have the edge in speed and boxing ability. Cotto has beat Mosley, who has beat Margarito, who has beaten Cotto, who has beaten Clottey, who has beat Postman Pat. It goes on and on. The fact is, who cares, who beat who’s sisters aunt, who then went on to KO Paul Chuckle. We will see when they fight, and I think soon Mosley will be old news.

Haye vs Valuev – Haye by knockout – ROUND TWO. I will stick by this prediction. At first, I was not sure about Haye ”slaying” Goliath, but now I have seen him training I think he will knock the beast out in two. Valuev has been in with no one of any quality and has only ever been beaten by average champion, Chagaev. I am glad Chagaev beat Valuev before he could beat Rocky Marciano’s unbeaten record as it would be a disgrace for such a below average fighter to do that.


1. Floyd Mayweather Jnr
2. Bernard Hopkins
3. Miguel Cotto
4. Manny Pacquiao
5. Ivan Calderon
6. Hozumi Hasegawa
7. Vitali Klitschko
8. Shane Mosley
9. Israel Vasquez
10. Juan Manuel Marquez

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