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Malignaggi v Broner: Wishful Thinking

002MalignaggiIMG_9990(Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime) As an 11 to 1 underdog, hoping Paul Malignaggi knocks out Broner tonight is certainly wishful thinking. I’ve written a few pieces now about showing respect to fighters, even those we don’t like. For tonight though, I’m willing to put that sentiment aside. Let me tell you why I would like to see Broner get dropped tonight, reasons other than hatred.

For his sake, I would like to see Adrien Broner taught some serious lessons tonight. The guy feels like he is on top of the world, so much so, that he even hinted at being able to beat Floyd Mayweather. I’m not a Mayweather follower, but I am an honest human and I know that such a fight would not be good for Broner. On top of this, Broner’s outside the ring antics are absurd. He’s, “about billions,” as if that is what a true warrior is ever about.

His raunchy antics regarding women outside the ring are, well, raunchy. He constantly makes statements like, “easy work, easy money,” showing an utter lack of respect for his opponents. Come on man, you were given a decision over Ponce De Leon and last I checked, you beat up on a guy named Gavin Rees who is shorter than your average middle school child. Broner literally flushed money down a toilet. Just type those words into Youtube if you need to see it to believe it.

Don’t get me wrong, Paul Malignaggi is no real model citizen either. In fact, he is pretty crude as well. The difference is that he is a more seasoned veteran of the sport. His best days are closer to being done than Broner’s, that is if Broner can stop assuming that everything is his already. The amazing thing is that Broner is a guy who grew up in inner Cincinnati, with seemingly not a lot. I appreciate that, as I’ve been in similar situations. You have got to remember where you came from though. Once you’ve forgotten because you are at or near the top, that’s when your humbling can very well begin.

With that said, if Broner is not humbled tonight, I think a great match-up for him would be Andre Berto.

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