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The other side of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

photo: miguel cotto floyd mayweather jr By John F. McKenna (McJack): Undefeated superstar World Boxing Council (WBC) welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0, 26 KO’s) is perhaps the most gifted fighter of his generation. Floyd is unquestionably the most talented defensive fighter currently active and arguably the greatest defensive boxer of all time. He is also an intelligent and extremely complex individual.

“Money” Mayweather has taken great pains over the years to carefully cultivate his “bad boy” persona. He does that very well, very rarely letting anyone get a glimpse of his minds inner workings and what makes him tick.

Recently however Mayweather exhibited what some call his “other side”. The side he does not want anyone to see. It was brought to Floyd’s attention the plight of a ten year old child named Austin York, who suffers from a rare heart abnormality known as hypoplastic right heart syndrome. The abnormality has required three heart surgeries with more to follow.

Mayweather assistant David L. Levi, a student at UNVL was invited to a boxing card which in actuality was a fundraiser for the sick child. When Levi arrived at the fundraiser he called Mayweather to apprise him of the situation involving young York. Mayweather showed his true class by agreeing to pick up all of the child’s bills as a way of helping his family. Levi was quoted by Yahoo Sports saying:

“I spoke with Floyd on the phone and told him about the child and everything he and his family had been dealing with. He responded saying ‘let them know I will take care of all the medical bills.. I want to help him.’ The total of the medical bills that have piled up over the ten months of Austin’s life add up to a little more than $49,000.”

Levi went on to say that over the last four months Mayweather has rounded up a team of his people to feed the homeless at soup kitchens. Levi also made it clear that Floyd is not doing his good deeds for the sake of the media and in fact the media is not contacted.

Levi said that Floyd also donated a huge amount of toys for children at Christmas and that he comes up with his charitable events spontaneously and frequently.

What makes Mayweather’s charitable work so impressive is that he does it without media fanfare.

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