Mayweather vs. Alvarez full card preview

floyd170By John Kelvin: This Saturday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Floyd “Canelo” Alvarez clash in the biggest boxing event of the  year for the undisputed junior middleweight championship. The undercard also features Ishe Smith against top contender Carlos Molina and the highly anticipated match up between Danny Garcia and Lucas Matthysse at junior welterweight. Former British champion Ashley Theophane faces former world title challenger Pablo Caesar Cano to complete the meaningful fights on the card.


Ashley Theophane faces a tough task in Pablo Caesar Cano in his first fight under the Mayweather Promotions banner. Cano has challenged for two world championships and is coming off a competitive loss to Sugar Shane Mosley.

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Prediction: Mayweather will beat Canelo by decision

floyd62By J. Keenan: Previews and reviews of boxers bouts are mostly judged under the term of  “styles make fights” but for the most anticipated bout of the year between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, it won’t only be down to style. Styles will play a role in the bout at some point, but I believe one could be foolish to judge an outcome of a fight purely based on styles.

Both fighters are also undefeated, so this will leave no viable blue print for Money or Canelo to see true weaknesses in each of there styles (Not unless you count Mayweather’s 2nd round rocking from Shane Mosley). If you take a look at both fighters last fights, you will notice some similarity’s with each of there opponents.

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Canelo Alvarez vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr: Which is the best game plan?

alvarez346By Gerardo Granados: It’s quite difficult to believe that the WBC welterweight – WBA Super light middleweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. will change his fighting style or change the game plan that he usually applies. But, which could be the best game plan for the young WBC super welterweight – WBA light middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez against “Money”?

There is a long list of fighters who have tried and all have failed having many of them used a similar game plan and tactics. Does the reader remember how many of them were able to adjust during the fight?

Many of those fighters tried to apply constant pressure for the full round, but failed to connect solid punches and on the last third of the fight they looked tired and their punches weren’t as powerful as in the early rounds.

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The lion hunter: A look at Floyd Mayweather Jr’s opponent selection

floyd1111By Dallas Orysiuk Floyd Mayweather Jr. is without a doubt the number one fighter in the world. Floyd “Money” Mayweather is 44-0 (26 KOs) and has a stellar resume. There is no questioning his skills as he is one of the best fighters to ever step into the ring. Apart from ring craft, Mayweather displays excellent business skill. He is a businessman and promoter.

He plays the role of villain and he plays this role well. It is part of his persona and part of the reason he attains such financial success.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also a hunter… a hunter of young hungry lions. This is part of “Moneys” business plan. Mayweather does an excellent job of waiting, scoping, and setting his sights on young hungry fighters that are surrounded in hype. This is part of the reason his PPV numbers are so high.

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Aged Cinnamon

Canelo Alvarez(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) By Nick Moore: If you know anything about the process of making cinnamon, doing so is in fact a process. Producers of this spice have to chop, scrape, loosen, rub, split, & peel part of a tree in order to have the finished product. In other words, this simple product that we add to enhance our meals has been through quite an enhancing & shaping process, if you will.

Critics of Saul “Canelo” Alvarez have often made the point that they do not believe he is ready or experienced enough to get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. Just talking to my neighbor the other day, he said that he thinks Canelo is still a little green going into this challenge. According to Richard Langford, featured columnist for Bleacher Report, “Canelo is still a developing fighter. While he has an accomplished record, he is just 22 and still learning to be more than just a puncher. Mayweather will take advantage of this at will.”

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Mayweather and Alvarez needed each other

Canelo signing autographs(Photo credit: Esther Lin/Showtime) By Robert Elmore: I will make no bones about it. I’m a Floyd Mayweather fan. He’s one of the most talented boxers in boxing history. He’s a great business man and knows how to sell a fight. Even when he is not fighting, one word from his mouth or a speculation of something, the sports blogs light up. I have glanced over several videos on and read other blogs about how one fighter is carrying the bout and about how Floyd Mayweather Jr. needed Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and vice versa.

Floyd stands to make 40 million up front and Canelo like 10 million. Truth is they needed each other. At this point, right now, there is no bigger fight out there in terms of money and pay per view buys.

Mayweather has his genuine supporters, but he has more people that hate him. There are those who want to see him lose because of life outside of boxing. The way he flaunts his money and walks around like he owns everything, and talks about his opponents (which is nothing new in boxing, but Floyd has toned down).

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Jeff Mayweather: Floyd Sr. has brought Floyd Jr. back to what he used to be as a fighter

007DaisIMG_3147(Photo credit: Tom Casino/Showtime) By Dan Ambrose: Floyd Mayweather Jr’s uncle Jeff Mayweather believes that Floyd Jr’s recent switch of trainers from Roger Mayweather to his father Floyd Sr. has taken Floyd Jr. back to what the style that he fought back earlier in his career when Mayweather Jr. used movement, speed and defense to win his fights.

Jeff thinks that Floyd Sr. has brought his son Floyd Jr. back to that form, and sees this father son combination being too much for WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez to handle when he faces Mayweather Jr. on September 14th.

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Broner: Mayweather will crush Canelo; he’s too green

alvarez45By Dan Ambrose: Adrien Broner, who some refer to as “Little Floyd,” is picking unbeaten Floyd Mayweather Jr. (44-0, 26 KO’s) to dominate WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO’s0 with his experience and his talent on September 14th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Broner, 23, thinks the 22-year-old Canelo is too inexperienced to win this fight and he sees that as being a big factor in him losing to the unbeaten Floyd Jr.

Broner said to thaboxingvoice “Floyd’s going to crush that guy. Alvarez just learned how to fight. [Canelo is] very green, very green. At the end of the day he’ll [Mayweather] will be victorious.”

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Mayweather will be sharp as a knife against Canelo, says Rafael

floyd5654By Dan Ambrose: Dan Rafael of ESPN figures that an active Floyd Mayweather Jr. (44-0, 26 KO’s) will be a much more sharp fighter against WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO’s) than a Mayweather that is coming off 12-18 months of inactivity to take the fight, which has been the case frequently during the last five years of Mayweather’s career.

Rafael said to ESPN “He’s [Mayweather] staying sharp by staying busy in the ring…he’s going to be fighting twice in the span of four months and it’s going to make Mayweather perhaps sharper than he’s been. That’s very scary for the other men [Canelo] across the ring from him. He’s going to be as sharp as a knife.”

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Canelo’s training for Mayweather might not help

canelo346By Dan Ambrose: We’re hearing that WBA/WBC junior middleweight champion Saul Alvarez is hard at work in training for his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. for later this year. Canelo reportedly is working as hard as Mayweather Jr. is in training camp, and Canelo’s camp feels this will help him triumph over Mayweather when they face each other at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

However, sometimes it really doesn’t matter how much training a fighter does; if he doesn’t have the basic talent and boxing brain, he’s going to lose the fight even if he works himself to the bone in training camp.

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