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Prediction: Mayweather will beat Canelo by decision

floyd62By J. Keenan: Previews and reviews of boxers bouts are mostly judged under the term of  “styles make fights” but for the most anticipated bout of the year between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, it won’t only be down to style. Styles will play a role in the bout at some point, but I believe one could be foolish to judge an outcome of a fight purely based on styles.

Both fighters are also undefeated, so this will leave no viable blue print for Money or Canelo to see true weaknesses in each of there styles (Not unless you count Mayweather’s 2nd round rocking from Shane Mosley). If you take a look at both fighters last fights, you will notice some similarity’s with each of there opponents.

Alvarez v Trout

Saul Alvarez won this fight, but I don’t believe he won it as wide as the judges scored it. If you look back at the fight you will notice Canelo tired pretty fast (within 6 Rounds or so). He also seemed to struggle with Trout’s boxing skills and lateral movement. These are the same skills that he will face against Mayweather. The difference being Mayweather does it better in every department. However, Trout felt Canelo’s power and simply let the fight slip away. This setting up his biggest ever payday, but overall this win simply showed the world that he isn’t ready for Mayweather.  Alvarez struggled to adapt to Trout’s tricky boxing style and spent long periods of time during each round pretty much doing nothing, looking for openings. If Trout hadn’t been so cautious after feeling the power of Alvarez, then I strongly believe the outcome could have been different. Alvarez will come up against these same skills when he meets Mayweather on September 14th. If Alvarez goes into this fight with the same mind set and stamina problems he will indeed be badly exposed. Mayweather possesses a formidable boxing psyche, and where Trout failed to capitalize, Mayweahter won’t and he’ll punish Alvarez with those counter right hands, and check hooks that made his name all night long.

Mayweather vs Guererro

Robert “The Ghost” Guererro was on the rise leading up to the Mayweather fight; he had just finished the mass demolition of Andre Berto and potentially looked like a force to be reckoned with.

Looking closer at Guererro you will notice he is similar to Alvarez. He boxes flat footed, and has underrated speed and  power. Just look at Andre Berto’s face after their fight. But Guerrero is very one dimensional in terms of skill set.

During the build up to this fight, I asked the same questions as I’m asking presently about Mayeather-Alvarez. You’re only as good as your last fight.” I judged Mayweather on the Miguel Cotto fight, and as you know that night Mayweather had a bad day at the office. He showed a lack of footwork and lateral movement, and his speed just wasn’t the same. Stupidly, I had doubts that night against Guerrero. Famed boxing pundits Steve Bunce and Steve Lilis didn’t help my doubts either. After the first round my doubts were cured. Mayweather put on a boxing clinic. His speed lateral movement and counter right hands were sharp as tanks, and he pounded Guerrero at will. Going back to the “Styles make fights” again you will notice that Guererro’s lack of movement and come forward style was like a magnet to Mayweather’s right hand. Also you will notice the similarity’s with Avarez v Trout. Guerrero boxed for what seemed like a minute of each round. He simply couldn’t figure out Mayweather’s style and that was the same for Alvarez v Trout. This is why Canelo cant afford to run out of gas so to speak or even allow himself to 2nd guess Mayweather’s next move, because where Trout failed Mayweather will succeed, and not only will he succeed, he will make you like a novice in doing so.


Mayweather by unanimous.  Now I’m not saying Mayweather is going to have his way in this fight.  Alvarez is a far superior boxer than Robert Guerrero, but if you judge this based on previous performances, i.e, Alvarez v Trout, Mayweather v Guererro, then you will see for yourself clear as day that Mayweather will win this fight. Oscar Dela Hoya will be providing Alvarez with some fight tips and extra sparring, and this could be the difference as Dela Hoya in my opinion has been the closest to beating Mayweather. He kept busy every round forced Mayweather to the ropes, but simply just couldn’t keep it up for 12 rounds. If the “Golden Boy” can’t, how can Canelo? So with all that said and done will Mayweather have his way? Or will Canelo live to his hype and become boxings new superstar? Time will tell and that time will be September 14th.

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