Today’s Duran vs. Leonard: Golovkin vs. Stevens

golovkin43On June 20th 1980, boxing fans were treated to what would be the beginning of a legendary rivalry by two of the most revered boxers of all-time. Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran treated the world to a fight no one would soon forget. For 15 rounds, the two traded and exchanged punches, combinations, and wits with the goal of proving their dominance in the sport.

Each man wanted to leave behind a legacy. Sugar looked to prove that he could stand toe to toe con las “Manos de Piedras” to show the world that he is not just a defensive and elusive boxer with a nice smile. Roberto Duran on the other hand, looked to break Leonard down and punish him to submission. Duran wanted to prove that he was the best in the world. On that night, Duran and Sugar gave fight fans a display of ruthless aggression and determination that would last a lifetime.

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Who’s Next for Floyd Mayweather Jr?

may432323By Nava: In the wake of another easy win for Floyd Money Mayweather Jr., what is next? Boxing fans get ready for a barrage of fighters stating their claim as Floyd’s next opponent.  They will argue why they are worthy and why they should be the next in line?  The problem here in lies with the lack of experience and chance of winning and whether Floyd will be willing to take risks.

On Sunday, Floyd Mayweather Jr. fought a young undefeated Mexican fighter in Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.  In spite of holding an impressive record, Canelo prove to be futile in his efforts to dethrone the reigning pound-for- pound king.  After proving once again his defensive mastery in the ring, Mayweather has a decision to make.  In the next few months, Floyd and his team will have to decide who will they step in the ring with next?

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