Canelo-Khan = Assault in the Ring

1-alvarez-canelo-khan (11)By Alan Garcia: On May the seventh HBO blatantly displayed assault and battery on national television. When did a live massacre turn into entertainment? Has society still not evolved since the time of the gladiators? Clearly not when they still allow for such brutality to be displayed on a pay-per-view event. I didn’t pay to see a morbid event like most casual viewers that consider this “entertainment,” I paid to see Amir “KING” Khan. A man with balls of steel like his, going into the pits of hell and against all odds, against oblivion, deserves my support and respect.

Life is already tough as it is with full of ups and downs. My love for boxing is ironically a symbol of my compassion for humanity and for the sacrifices of these men that go unnoticed. The sport of boxing is a good if not the best physical example to a metaphor of life.

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