Boxing Results: Radivoje Kalajdzic Brutally KOs Sullivan Barrera On ProBoxTV

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/14/2024 - Comments

At the unforgiving battleground that is the ProBox Event Center, Radivoje Kalajdzic, in a display of “surprise” to absolutely no one who’s been paying attention, gave Sullivan Barrera a one-way ticket to the canvas, wrapping up the evening with a knockout that whispered sweet nothings into the ears of his fans and screamed a wake-up call to his detractors.

Kalajdzic, who apparently enjoys long walks through the ring and sending people flying through ropes, added another notch to his belt, bringing his record to a shiny 29-2, with 21 of those wins ending with his opponents on the canvas. This dramatic curtain-closer in the 10th round keeps Kalajdzic’s dreams of world title glory not just alive but kicking and screaming. Barrera finds himself on a less glamorous path, piecing together the puzzle of his career after his second consecutive “nap” in the ring.

The bout kicked off with all the excitement of watching paint dry, with both fighters seemingly in a gentle embrace, throwing punches like they were bad secrets – hardly ever and barely impactful.  Kalajdzic’s jab then finally found its home in the second round on Barrera’s face with the precision of a GPS-guided missile . The counterpunch tango that followed had Barrera landing a solid right, quickly countered by Kalajdzic in a “no, you hang up first” manner.

Barrera’s face quickly became a testament to the night’s activities, his right eye deciding it had seen enough by the third round. Despite this, he landed a hefty punch, only to be greeted by the floor courtesy of a Kalajdzic counter. Standing up but clearly shaken, it seemed Barrera was starting to realize the night might not end in his favor.

As the night dragged on, Kalajdzic’s strategy became as clear as day – a relentless jab assault paired with rights that made Barrera’s face a magnet for leather.

In the final rounds, Kalajdzic decided not to rush things, perhaps thinking Barrera needed a bit more time to admire the view from the ropes. The 10th round, however, had other plans. Like a hurricane in gloves, Kalajdzic launched an onslaught, turning Barrera into a twisted heap of limbs and dashed hopes. The ref, doing his best impression of a concerned parent, called it quits at 2:31. With a last-minute barrage, Kalajdzic sealed the deal, ensuring the WBA Continental North America title didn’t slip through his fingers.

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