Josh Taylor vs. Jack Catterall: Rematch Fueled by Hate

By Jay McIntyre - 02/20/2024 - Comments

At the start of today’s second press conference, Josh Taylor (19-1, 13 KOs) walked up to Jack Catterall as soon as he got on stage and attempted to hand him a set of color markers for a child’s coloring book. Catterall slapped his hand, causing promoter Eddie Hearn to intervene.

Yeah, it looked like fake WWE stuff, but they got to do something to create interest in their rematch because it won’t have any world titles at stake. The only thing that’s on the line is the careers of the two, considering neither of these guys is going anywhere, but it’s worse for the loser of their 12-round clash at light welterweight.

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Former undisputed 140-lb champion Taylor and Catterall (28-1, 13 KOs) will meet on April 27th at the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England. This is a rematch that is two years late from their fight in February 2022, which saw Taylor win a controversial 12-round split decision in Glasgow, Scotland.

Hopefully, there’s no controversy this time and the two can move on and try and make some kind of mark with what’s left of their careers.

“Attack on Sight”

“When you come face-to-face, like we saw yesterday, it’s almost like attack on site,” said Eddie Hearn to Matchroom Boxing, talking about the beef that we saw from Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall.

“So, we got to make sure that we keep the fighters away, but I want the drama. I want the rivalry. I want these guys to come face-to-face because the hate is real. They hate each other since that night and probably previously. People are talking about personal insults and teams, and everybody is going at it,” Hearn continued.

Revenge and Emotion

“Nicey – Nicey, no, thank you. Let’s go to war on April 27th in Leeds. Let’s see who is the best man at 140 come fight night. I think the key is not to fight off emotion. Jack is talking about wanting to go through Josh Taylor to try and knock him out this time.

“Josh Taylor is a guy that gets fired up quite easily. He fights off emotion at the press conference sometimes and in the ring as well. I don’t know if you can stop that on the night. There’s so much on the line.

“You see every time they come close to one another that they just want to fight now,” said Hearn.

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