Boxing Results: Liam Dillon Loses in A War to Reece Bellotti!

By Ken Hissner - 02/10/2024 - Comments

At Indigo at The O2, Greenwich, London, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented in the Main Event British Super Featherweight champion Liam Dillon who lost his title to the Commonwealth champion Reece “Bomber” Bellotti in a war!

(Photo credit: Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing)

In the Main Event, British Super Feather champ Liam Dillon, 13-1-1 (3), #129.9, of Chingford, East London, UK, lost to Commonwealth champ Reece “Bomber” Bellotti, 18-5 (14), #129.4, of Watford, UK, over 12 action-packed rounds.

In the first and second rounds it was action from the start, no feeling out as Bellotti had Dillon against the ropes for the most part outworking him. In the third and fourth rounds it was Dillon chasing down Bellotti.

In the fifth round, Bellotti turned things around with a good body attack. In the sixth round, the action got even better as both had their moments. In the seventh through the ninth rounds, Bellotti’s left hooks against the aggressive uppercuts from Dillon had the fans roaring.

In the tenth round, Bellotti took his body attack to Dillon, having him against the ropes at the end. In the eleventh round, when it looked like Dillon was taking over, Bellotti came back in a war.

In the twelfth and final round, with the fight on the one, Dillon looked stronger until a right uppercut after a minute on the chin from Bellotti got his attention. Dillon came back and may not have won the fight, but they took the round. What a fight! The referee was Kevin Parker.

Scores were 117-111, 117-112, and 116-112, as did KH.

In the co-main event, top prospect Lightweight Cameron ‘The One’ Vuong, 4-0 (3), #136 ½, of Blyth, UK, stopped Ishmael ‘The Engineer’ Ellis, 14-7 (0), #135 ¾, of Birmingham, UK, at 2:33 of the sixth round of a scheduled eight rounds, winning four fights in four months.

After winning the first two rounds, in the third round, Vuong put more pressure on Ellis, impressing the fans. In the fourth through fifth rounds, Vuong showed good moves, bringing blood from Ellis’s nose in the first minute of the round.

In the sixth round, Vuong dominated until Referee Bob Wiliams waved it off.

Returning after 21 months, former Light heavy British champ Craig ‘Spider’ Richards, 18-3-1 (11), #176 ¾, of Crystal Palace, London, UK, stopped Boris ‘The Blade’ Crighton, 12-5 (7), #176 ¼, of Cameroon and Glasgow, Scotland, UK, at 2:52 of the seventh round of a scheduled ten rounds.

In the first four rounds, Richards had the edge by landing more power punches. In the sixth round, Richards had a big round, landing rights backing up Crighton.

In the seventh rounds final thirty seconds a right followed by a left from Richards on the chin of Crighton and down he went for an 8-count from Referee Bob Williams. Upon rising Crighton was holding on as Richards went on the attack until it was stopped.

Shannon ‘Kaos’ Ryan, 7-0 (0), #114 ¼ of Watford, UK, defeated Jasmina Zapotoczna, 6-1 (0), #114 ½, of Wroclaw, POL, Wakefield, Yorkshire, UK, over 10×2 rounds, for the vacant WBA Int’l Super Fly title.

In the second round, Ryan boxed well and landed several rights on the chin of Zapotoczna, who had used several rights of her own earlier. In the fourth round, Zapotoczna won her first round using her lead rights.

From the fifth through the seventh, Ryan outworked Zapotoczna. In the eighth round a clash of heads caused a cut on the forehead of Ryan. In the ninth round, Ryan came back well, taking the round. In the tenth and final round, it was the best of the fight, with Ryan’s face smeared with blood and slugged it out with Zapotoczna.

Referee Bob Williams. Scores 98-93, 96-94 twice, 97-93 KH.

Cruiser southpaw ‘The Gentleman’ John J. Hedges, 9-0 (3), #199 ½, of Takeley, Essex, UK, stopped ‘Big Edi’ Erdogan Kadrija, 20-6 (12), #195 ½, of Hamburg, GER, at 2:36 of the second round of a scheduled eight rounds.

In the second round, returning after ten months, the faller, southpaw Hedges, landed a lead left cross to the side of Erdogan’s head. Down, he went for an 8-count from Referee Howard Foster. Upon rising, Foster waved it off.

Light Ibraheem ‘Spider’ Sulaimaan, 3-0 (2), #135 ¼, of Birmingham, West Midlands, UK, stopped John Patrick Tomasoni, 4-1-1 (1), #136 ½, of Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, FR, at 1:35 of the third of a scheduled 4 rounds.

Referee Howard Foster

Heavy Emanuel Odiase, 2-0 (1), #259 ½, of Munich, GER, Amine ‘The Beast’ Boucetta, 8-9 (0), #231, of Ras Al Ma, MOR, G-Hent, Oost-Vlaanderen, BELG, 6 rounds.

Referee Bob Williams scored 60-54

Middle Jack Oliphant, 1-0 (0), #161 ¾, of Crayford, London, UK, defeated Jensen Irving, 4-6 (0), #162 ¼, of Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, four rounds.

Referee Bob Williams scored 40-36

Ring Announcer David Diamante