Bill Haney’s Tank Fixation Overshadows Ryan Garcia Showdown

By KenWoods123 - 02/19/2024 - Comments

Bill Haney, the dad of WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney, is talking up a storm about a fight between Dev and Gervonta Davis rather than promoting his son’s title defense against Ryan Garcia on April 20th.

Bill appears to be fixated on a fight with Tank, and he can’t stay in the present reality of his needing to help sell his son’s title defense against Ryan. After striking out on his attempts at securing the Tank fight, Bill won’t give up his pursuit.

Papa Haney’s obsession with Gervonta risks undercutting his son’s immediate, high-stakes challenge against a young star with huge popularity in Ryan Garcia.

Tank Obsession Drowns Out the Present

Promoter Eddie Hearn needs to get on the phone and tell Bill to put a muzzle on his Tank Davis obsession and start yapping it up about the Ryan Garcia fight because that’s the one that needs to sell, not his dream match against Gervonta.

Instead of Bill promoting his son Devin’s fight against Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs), he looks like he’s trying to build the next hoped-for match against Tank Davis.

Bill already failed in luring Tank into fighting Devin, but he won’t let go of his stubborn pursuit of the Baltimore native, and he could wreck the promotion for his son’s fight with Kingry by ignoring that match.

Haney needs this fight with Ryan to be successful on DAZN because his last one against Regis Prograis brought in a reported 50K PPV buys last December.

If the Ryan Garcia fight bombs as well, it will wreck any chances of Haney getting a clash with Tank Davis afterward, and that’s if he wins.

Charisma Gap & Need for Paternal Hype

Devin needs his dad to help create hype because he lacks charisma and comes across as forced, ineffectual, and uninteresting when he speaks. He actually needs his dad, Bill, to do the talking for him. He’s devoid of the personality required to get boxing fans interested in his fight with Ryan.

“With more tension brewing between the Tank Davis team and the Devin Haney team all centering around of some footage ‘Dollar Bill’ hasn’t released yet,” said Bill Haney on X.