Adrien Broner in the Mix: Conor Benn’s Next Fight Teeming with Possibilities

By Daniel Mcglinchey - 02/07/2024 - Comments

Matchroom promoter Frank Smith has confirmed that former four-division world champion Adrien Broner is one of the options for Conor Benn’s next fight.

Although Smith says the 34-year-old Broner is the “least realistic one” for Benn (23-0, 14 KOs), it’s quite possible that he’ll end up getting the fight. Promoter Eddie Hearn would need to make a monstrous offer to get Tank to accept a fight with Benn.

Fighting the well-known Broner (35-4-1, 24 KOs) would be a good way to increase Conor Benn’s popularity in the U.S. before matching him against one of the popular American fighters, like Tank Davis, Devin Haney, or Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

Broner: An Experienced but Risky Choice

“Possibly, but it would be the most unlikely one. Adrien Broner does a lot of calling out. I think that’s the least realistic one, but look, everyone is calling out Conor Benn,” said Frank Smith of Matchroom Boxing, talking to Boxing Social about options for welterweight contender Conor Benn’s next fight.

This is a risky fight for Benn because he had many problems against the unknown fighter Hearn matched him against last weekend, Peter Dobson and that guy isn’t a world-class contender.

Although Broner isn’t the fighter that he once was a decade ago, he’s better than Dobson and would be a threat to Benn with the way he looked in that fight.

Benn’s Stock on the Rise

“Everyone is calling out his name. There’s a big fight out there for Conor Benn, and he’ll be out very soon. We’re 100% focused on delivering the biggest possible fight for Conor Benn. He’s always been calling out the biggest names, and he wasn’t shying away from any challenge.

“That hasn’t changed. “We’re set on making a massive fight for Conor Benn. That’s arm aim, and we’ll deliver it,” said Smith.

Fans believe that Hearn is just using Gervonta’s name for smoke and mirrors purposes, knowing that he has no hope of getting into that fight and wanting to get Chris Eubank Jr., his true target, to not ask for too much money.

Eubank Jr. is the one that Hearn has been salivating over, believing that the UK fans still want to see him and Benn, even though it would seem it’s a fight that is past it’s sell by date after his attempts at making it went up in smoke in 2022.

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