Boxing Tonight: Marshall vs Crews-Dezurn Fight Results & Scorecards

By Boxing News - 07/02/2023 - Comments

Tonight in Manchester, England, Savannah Marshall emerged as the undisputed super-middleweight champion of the world. The victory over Franchon Crews-Dezurn has set Marshall on a potential collision course with her long-time rival, Claressa Shields.

The battle stretched over ten intense rounds, with both fighters bearing the war scars post-match. Despite Marshall’s assured victory at the final bell, an odd 95-95 scorecard from one judge transformed what was expected to be a unanimous decision into a majority one.

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Reflecting on her opponent, Marshall said, “Crews-Dezurn is an extremely formidable woman. She put up a strong fight. Although some rounds were neck and neck, I believe I landed superior hits.”

Shields, present ringside, didn’t shy away from throwing a challenge at Marshall. She declared, “I am ready to fight her at any weight class she chooses. And yes, she is going to take a beating. I observed several weaknesses in her game that she didn’t rectify from her previous bout. The 95-95 score by the first judge seems fair to me. I expected more from both fighters.”

Crews-Dezurn’s strategy to keep the fight within close range aimed to neutralize Marshall’s reach and power. This tactic led to several gritty exchanges. However, Marshall’s power punches did significant damage when they connected, pushing Crews-Dezurn to stick to her short-range game plan.

Meanwhile, Ben Whittaker once again showed why he’s considered an emerging megastar. He glided past Vladimir Beljusky with remarkable flair, stopping him in the eighth round. A self-professed fan of ‘Prince’ Naseem Hamed, Whittaker’s style is reminiscent of his idol’s, with showboating gestures underscoring his superior skills.

Even though Whittaker aspires to catapult to world title contention quickly, his recent match was only the fourth professional fight for the 2020 Olympics silver medallist. The eight rounds provided valuable experience to the burgeoning professional.

On another note, Natasha Jonas scripted history, becoming Liverpool’s first two-weight world champion. She clinched the IBF World Welterweight Championship in Manchester, despite a spirited performance from Canada’s Kandi Wyatt. Jonas, at 39, continues to assert her dominance in women’s boxing, holding the WBC, WBO, and IBF light-middleweight championship titles.

A visibly elated Jonas couldn’t hide her joy, saying, “I am at a loss for words. I want to extend my gratitude to everyone who spent their hard-earned money to support me.”

With several major options available for her next match, including the likes of Chantelle Cameron and Jessica McCaskill, Jonas plans to take a month-long family holiday to contemplate her next move.

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