Zab Judah: “Logan Paul is a young Muhammad Ali”

In an interview with OLBG, former two-division world champion Zab Judah made some surprising statements about Logan Paul and Jake Paul. Judah praised Logan Paul for his courage and confidence in facing Floyd Mayweather, and compared him to Ali’s charisma and personality. He also said that Jake Paul was a good boxer who could challenge McGregor, who he thought was not as skilled in boxing as in MMA.

Zab Judah: “I stand by saying Logan Paul looked like a young Muhammad Ali. Youv’e got to remember he’s a tall, sleek, slender guy – he gave me the Muhammad Ali vibes, I don’t care what nobody says. At that time I came to see Logan Paul training in California at his house. He was moving like Ali. ”

Micky Ward was a tougher opponent than Mayweather, Cotto and Khan

Judah: “Micky Ward was my toughest opponent because I was 15-0, fighting a legend, and he had a body punch that would stop a donkey. He was no joke. And I never had to use my mind capacity the way I had to use it in the Ward fight.

That was hard. I’ve been fighting my whole life, there’s nothing physically hard for me. But I never had to use my brain and mind capacity as I did in the Micky Ward fight.”

I was winning Khan fight but got cheated out of it

Judah: “I feel like the fight was a cheat, I got hit in the balls and I went down, I was winning the fight. I think I was cheated out of that fight. Amir Khan acted like a swell gentleman after the fight , he did nothing wrong and performed and behaved as he should.

He won the fight and moved on. To this day me and Khan are friends and when we see each other there’s good energy, from time to time we shout eachother out on a call on WhatsApp, there’s nobody I fought who I have a problem with. I love everybody who I fought with. Everyone who I stepped in the ring with I love because they gave me the opportunity to display my talent. ”

Jake Paul has a chance against Conor McGregor – I can’t call a winner

Zab Judah: “Conor is an entertainer man, he’s a tough guy, he knows how to fight – I would watch Conor and Jake Paul. I don’t know who would win. ”

I salute ‘young’ 91-year-old Don King

Judah: “I think it’s amazing and brilliant that Don King can say he signed Muhammad Ali and Adrien Broner, and everything in between. That’s big. In his nineties he’s still signing young, great fighters. With all his history and to be still doing business like that, I salute Don King. That’s a big power move. He gives me inspiration, hope, and longevity. He’s in his nineties and he’s still in the boxing business.

I made my most money with Don King. A swell guy, very intelligent and articulate.

Everytime I fought at the Crowne Plaza it was a Don King-Donald Trump promotion. With that being said Donald Trump was my promoter at one time. It gives me pleasure to say I’m now voting for my promoter.

Working with Trump through Don King, I always got paid on time.”

Referee not giving me Floyd Mayweather’s first ‘knockdown’ doesn’t bother me

Judah: “It was a knockdown but it doesn’t bother me because people know what they saw. I don’t care what the scoreboard or stats say, you cannot fool people’s eyes. The world knew what they saw. Floyd was tremendous and is in a great situation in life right now. He can take that perfect Mayweather unbeaten record and run it up with celebrity fights. He’s doing a brilliant job with it.

Floyds is one of the top guys I’ve had the opportunity of sharing the ring with; fast, great defence, ring smart and it was a great night, but we showed up that night. Team Judah. ”

I wish I’d fought ‘good guy’ Ricky Hatton

Zab: “Ricky is a good guy, he’s a very tough guy. I don’t know why we never fought. He’s always been a swell guy to me, he’s my friend. He has good energy and is a good guy. I would have beaten him 100 percent. “