Boxing Results: Anthony Joshua Defeats Franklin In London

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By Ken Hissner: At the O2 Arena, Greenwich, London, UK, Saturday over DAZN promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing) presented former world heavyweight champion Anthony “AJ” Joshua winning a lack luster lopsided decision over Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin in 12 rounds.

In the Main Event Anthony “AJ” Joshua, 25-3 (22), #255 ¼, of Watford, UK, defeated Jermaine “989 Assassin” Franklin, 21-2 (14), #234 ½, of Saginaw, MI, over 12 rounds.

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In the first round Franklin drew blood from the nose of Joshua with a solid right hand halfway through the round. At the end of the round Joshua landed a solid right on the chin of Franklin at the bell. In the third round they exchanged rights to the chin of one another midway through the round. Joshua landed the final punch of the round a right on the chin of Franklin.

In the fourth round the action increased as both Joshua and Franklin were throwing power punches though Joshua’s jab was the difference. In the seventh round Joshua continued using his jab. They had words after the round before the Referee Marcus McDowell separated them.

In the eighth round there were too many clinches as Franklin was getting warned several times. In the ninth rounds final thirty seconds Franklin landed the best punch of the fight coming out of a crouch an overhand right on the chin of Joshua.

In the tenth round Joshua was allowed to hold behind the head of Franklin with his left and land his right on the chin for the first minute. Halfway through the round with blood stained trunks Joshua teed off with a lead right on the chin but Franklin never moved. Joshua had a good round.

In the eleventh round after a minute Joshua landed a hard right on the chin of Franklin. In the final minute Joshua used a double jab to keep Franklin on the defense. Franklin landed a right cross to the chin of Joshua in the final seconds taking the round.

In the twelfth and final round Joshua landed a hard uppercut to the chin of a minute into the round. The wrestling continued to the bell. As Franklin walked away Joshua hit Franklin in the back of the head as both had words afterwards as security entered the ring. Referee

Scores were Steve Gray 118-111, Fabian Guggenheim and Alex Levin each 117-111 as did this writer.

2021 Olympic Gold Medalist Flyweight southpaw Galal Yafai, 4-0 (3), #113 ½, of Birmingham, UK, stopped Moises “Taz” Calleros, 36-11-1 (19), #114 ¼, of Monterrey, MEX, at 0:44 of the fourth round of a 10.

In the first two rounds were very competitive. In the third rounds midway point southpaw Yafai rocked Calleros with a lead left on the chin. In the fourth round a combination from Yafai on the chin of Calleros dropped him for an 8-count from Referee Kieran McCann who called a halt.

WBA Int’l Middle champ southpaw Austin “Ammo” Williams, 14-0 (10), #162 ½, of Houston, TX, stopped River Wilson-Bent, 14-3-1 (6), #162 ½, of Coventry, UK, at 1:01 of the eighth round of a 10.

In the first two rounds Williams landing a lead left to the body of Wilson-Bent who does too much holding. In the third round’s first minute Wilson-Bent landed a solid right on the chin of Williams. In the last twenty seconds Williams landed a solid left on the chin of Wilson-Bent.

In the fourth round a clash of heads caused cut over the right eye of Wilson-Bent. In the fifth and sixth rounds Wilson-Bent came back well from the cut and did enough to take the rounds. In the seventh round a lead left from Williams on the chin and down went Wilson-Bent for an 8-count from Referee Howard Foster a minute into the round. He spit his mouthpiece out to get time to survive the round.

In the eighth round after a minute Williams was landing without return as the towel from the Wilson-Bent corner came into the ring stopping the fight.

Fabio Wardley, 16-0 (15), #242 ½, of Ipswich, UK, stopped Michael Polite Coffie, 13-4 (10), #269 ¼, of Orlando, FL, by way of Brooklyn, NY, for the vacant WBA Continental Heavy title, at 0:45 of the fourth round of a 10.

In the first round after twenty seconds Wardley rocked Coffie with a right on the chin driving him to the ropes. Coffie was southpaw and immediately returned to orthodox. Coffie fought back enough to survive the round. In the second round Coffie with his left to his side used an effective jab. In the final seconds Wardley missed three rights.

In the fourth round Wardley landed a dozen unanswered punches having Coffie against the ropes when Referee Howard Foster stepped in calling a halt as Coffie complained of the stoppage and didn’t seem hurt but didn’t return a single punch.

Light Campbell “The Hurricane” Hatton, 11-0 (4), #139 ¾, of Hyde, Cheshire, UK, knocked out Louis “Flash” Fielding, 10-8 (1), #138 ½, of Tamworth, UK, at 1:29 of the first round of an 8.

In the first round slipping a punch a left hook from Hatton to the liver and down went Fielding for the count from Referee Kieran McCann.

Referee Kieran McCann scored 80-72.

Ring Announcer David Diamante

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