Derek Chisora on Jake Paul: “He’ll beat Carl Froch”

By Charles Brun: Derek Chisora says Youtuber Jake Paul will defeat retired former unified super middleweight champion Carl Froch and will bet 200 grand that he’ll do that.

Last week, Jake said he would be willing to fight Froch if he first fights on one of his cards against former MMA fighter Anderson Silva, who is 47 years old. It’s a good hustle by Jake Paul because even though Froch would surely blast him out in a sick mismatch, the former Disney star would make huge dough from the match.

Having Froch first dispatch an ancient Anderson Silva would be another payday opportunity for Jake.

Sounding a lot like the 26-year-old Jake Paul’s promoter, Chisora states that the retired Froch will “get his a** dealt with” by the Youtuber.

It’s unclear whether Chisora is getting paid by Jake Paul for how he’s building him up and saying he can beat a former world champion like Froch. If so, it makes perfect sense for Chisora to be dumping praise over the head of Jake Paul because it doesn’t seem realistic otherwise.

Jake, who has gained fame by being a Youtube personality, has been hustling fights against non-boxers since turning professional in 2020. He’s arguably been VERY calculated in selecting his opponents, choosing old former MMA fighters, a retired NBA player, Youtuber, and now Tommy Fury, a 23-year-old boxer with limited talent and not much power.

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“Good luck to Jake Paul. The guy believes he can do anything, and when you’re that young age, you believe you can do anything,” said Chisora to iFL TV, sounding a lot like a promoter for Jake Paul. “He’s entertainment. Those people that talk rubbish about him, they can’t do it, that’s why.

“There’s nothing wrong with that. Carl Froch will go in there and get his a** beaten up and go get your check, bro,” said a slurring Chisora when asked about his thoughts on Jake Paul calling out Froch. “He’ll beat Carl Froch.

“He’ll take the venom out of the cobra. He’ll beat Carl Froch. I’m willing to bet 200 grand that Carl Froch will get his a** dealt with,” said Chisora. “I’m 100% serious, Carl Froch will get his a** dealt with.”

Some would argue that for Chisora to be willing to make a wacky $200 grand bet on Jake beating Froch, he has to be getting paid to do something like this. It’s too risky and crazy.