Ryan Garcia willing to do VADA testing, is Gervonta avoid fight?

By Allan Fox: Ryan Garcia has taken to social media to let his fans know that he was never asked for any early VADA testing, as Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis has implied.

Ryan says he’s willing to do the VADA testing, and I understand why they wouldn’t believe he would agree to it because he “ALREADY” agreed to everything else that Gervonta wanted for their April fight.

Some boxing fans are beginning to believe that Tank (27-0, 25 KOs) is trying to get out of the fight with Ryan by talking about the early VADA testing.

If Tank Davis wants to get out of the Ryan Garcia fight, he will need to come up with a better excuse than talking about the VADA testing.

Losing to Ryan, who people see as an Instagram boxer, would be a huge blow to the career of Gervonta. You can argue that Tank’s career would be over if he got beaten by the young, unproven 24-year-old Kingry, and it would reinforce the view out there from fans that he was just a creation by Mayweather Promotions.

In other words, Tank Davis was another example of a good – but not elite-level – fighter that was fed cream-puff opposition his entire nine-year professional career to make him look better than he actually is.

It’s all smoke & mirrors, and the naive fans, who have no clue when they see a fake fighter, have bought into it, thinking that Gervonta is the real deal. Without Mayweather Promotion’s continued help with the weak opposition, Tank’s career could go belly up.

Yesterday, Tank leaked a massive $10 million plus pay-per-view bonus offer given to him by British promoter Eddie Hearn on social media.

It was strange that Tank would leak the offer because if he wanted more money, you would think that he would reply to Hearn to say the $10M wasn’t good enough.

Tank’s fight next month against super featherweight Hector Luis Garcia on January 7th can be seen as yet another case of him fighting someone hand-picked from a lower weight class to ensure that he doesn’t get found out and exposed to the light of day.

Instead of selecting opposition from the lighter weight classes to fight, the 28-year-old Tank should be facing guys from the 135-lb division like Shakur Stevenson, Devin Haney, and Vasyl Lomachenko. Those are the big three in the lightweight division.