Boxing Results: Cruiserweight Contender David Light Stuns Brandon Glanton

By Vince D’Writer: ProBox TV has become the official home of the 50/50 fights, and in their December 2 main event, David Light shocked Brandon Glanton (17-1, 14 KOs) as Light earned a ten round split decision victory at the ProBox Event Center in Plant, City Florida.

Coming into the bout, both fighters were undefeated, both men were ranked by the WBO, and both boxers looked at their clash as an opportunity to earn a key victory, and enhance their chance of securing a title fight with the current WBO cruiserweight champion Lawrence Okolie.

Brandon “Bulletproof” Glanton has made multiple appearances on ProBox TV, and the one thing he has routinely shown in each fight is the ability to eliminate the jab. Glanton often dictates the range and distance of his bouts due to his extremely aggressive style of boxing on the inside.

During the course of the first five rounds, Glanton immediately assumed his position in the trenches, as he landed some solid body shots and crisp uppercuts. David Light was able to quickly adapt to Brandon Glanton’s style of fighting, as Light found a home for his uppercut, and he also landed some timely combinations.

The first half of the bout was a toe-to-toe battle that was taking the shape of a fight that looked like it was going to be difficult to score. During the second half of the fight, Light was able to make an adjustment that may have caught the attention of the judges.

While Brandon Glanton constantly pressed forward, he gave the appearance of a fighter who at times was smothering his work. On the other hand, when the fight was fought at a close range, David Light would create space by stepping back, and proceeding to land clean shots.

With nine rounds in the books, the bout between Glanton and Light was a true war of attrition. Whenever Glanton landed something significant, Light would return fire.The way the fight played out, it appeared as though the outcome would be determined by the boxer who wins the tenth round.

Glanton came out very aggressive in the tenth round, as he landed a flurry of hard shots. Midway through the final round, Glanton knocked Light down, as he landed a vicious left to the body followed by a glancing overhand right. Fortunately for Light, he was able to get up off the canvas, and make it to the end of the round.

By digging down deep and scoring the knockdown, it seemed like Glanton’s performance in the tenth round would be the deciding factor in the fight. Once the scores were tallied, one judge scored the bout 95-94 in favor of Glanton, but that card was overruled by the other two judges who scored the bout 95-94, and 97-92 in favor of Light.

After hearing the totals from the scorecards, David Glanton was in a state of confusion. He thought he did enough to win the fight, but during the post fight interview he accepted the unfavorable decision.
“As far as the decision, hey I don’t understand, maybe it’s something we can understand later, but for now, congratulations to David Light.”

The man from New Zealand, 31-year-old David Light (20-0, 12 KOs) was very pleased with the decision, as he earns a hard fought victory, and he puts himself in position for a shot at the WBO cruiserweight champion. During his post fight interview, Light addressed his strategy of fighting Glanton’s style of fight by staying in the pocket.

“We were just looking at the kind of opponent that we had, and what we had to do to face that kind of opponent, and it worked out in the end.” Light went on to state, “We know that we can stand there and we can bang as well as he can. I knew that he was going to try to put the pressure on, and I knew I could give it back just as well.”