Mahmoud Charr trashes Eddie Hearn, wants Tyson Fury fight

By Charles Brun: Mahmoud Charr ripped into Eddie Hearn today on social media, telling him to mind his own business and stay out of the Tyson Fury fight.

The former WBA heavyweight champion Charr (33-4, 19 KOs) is still hoping to get a fight against Fury on December 3rd, and he’s not pleased with Hearn giving his thoughts on the fight.

Charr says Joshua & Hearn had their chance to fight Fury, but they didn’t sign after 2o days.

“Eddie Hearn, don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong,” said Charr on social media. “Go out from our business. You got your chance from p***hua [Anthony Joshua] to fight the ‘Gypsy King.’

“You had over 20 days. You not signed. Now you want to tell Frank Warren and Tyson Fury who they have to fight. If that’s not enough, you bring your dogs, Tony Bellew. Who is this? I don’t know him.

“Listen, guy. Go out from the business; you are nothing. You have no world champion now. Joshua is broken mentally. After I beat Fury, I will take care of p***hua. You are nothing, Eddie Hearn. You are small b***ch,” said Charr.

“All we see is Instagram, Tyson Fury saying this. Deadlines up, he’s fighting Manuel Charr,” said Hearn to talkSPORT Boxing. “We had John Fury on last night saying that AJ should have stepped aside months ago, avoided Usyk, and had two easy fights. Yet, in the other sentence, he’s accusing AJ of not wanting to take the biggest fights.

“The fact is huge fights like this don’t get made in two weeks. That’s the reality. When two guys have huge commercial deals with different broadcasters, it takes time.

“Actually, it was going really well. Tyson Fury put us on the clock on a 48-hour clock when the contract was nowhere near ready. He told us the fight was off. Two days later, Queensbury pops up and says, ‘No, it’s not. We’ve convinced him to give you.’ Then he gives us another day. These things take time.

“Bob Arum said two weeks ago, ‘There’s no chance this fight gets made,’ and then yesterday, he comes out and says, ‘Everything is agreed. It’s just Eddie Hearn’s fault.’ I’m the easy one to blame,” said Hearn.