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Setting the record straight: This world is about who we like!

Image: Setting the record straight: This world is about who we like!

By Yungwes: The world is about who we like! When two similar situations occur many people side unapologetically with those they like. These same individuals aim to eradicate and decimate the character of those they dislike. Boxing more than any other sport is about WHO WE LIKE! The dirty behind the scenes maneuvering is covered like a blanket due to the so-called “fans” of the sport of boxing. The coffin has been closed on this Haney and Loma saga. We all know how the situation has played out thus far. However, again the world is about who we like and who we dislike. So for the 100th time let’s implement facts and unadulterated logic, instead of biased opinions to reach the proper conclusions.

After the franchise title was created for Canelo Alvarez to duck Jermall Charlo, the dirty politics of boxing were once again uncovered. In the words of Floyd Mayweather, “Whats dim and dark will soon come to light,” and boy was this evident. Boxing and old media had a problem on their hands.

A young and spry 20-year-old Devin Haney became one of boxing’s darlings Lomachenko’s mandatory. Remember the world is about who we like. While being talented Loma has been given passes and excuses his entire career. His father was on tape telling Max Kellerman they would use Orlando Salido as a punching bag. However, the cherry pick turned into a grenade. The 14 loss part time Uber driver Salido used Lomachenko as a punching bag. In an upset win for Salido excuses for Lomachenko poured in. It was only Loma’s second fight, Salido was dirty, they set him up. All excuses made for someone the media loves. He was beat fair and square by the better man that night.

Ducking is a sin. With pressure being applied by Haney for a Lomachenko fight, the WBC in another unprecedented move awarded Lomachenko the not so coveted Canelo Alvarez franchise duck title. This has been confirmed by WBC president Mauricio Sulaimán. He is on record explaining how Bob Arum and Lomachenko petitioned for this duck title. As a result, he would not be obligated to face mandatory Devin Haney. However, Lomachenko would have to drop the WBC belt as a consequence.

Lomachenko quickly agreed thus making Haney standing champion. The facts are Lomachenko wanted to be undisputed, well until Haney applied pressure. Instead, he opted to fight a green Teofimo Lopez in another cherry pick gone wrong. He lost a lopsided affair with Lopez, Matrix crash. Once again, the excuses rang out for all to hear. Loma was injured, the size difference, his dog died. We heard it all. Remember, ducking is a sin. Lomachenko has been ducking Devin Haney since Haney was a prospect at the age of 20. His avoidance and blind ignorance led to his own demise. It’s amazing how the universe comes full circle.

Fast forward almost 4 years Devin Haney is undisputed at the top of the 135 pound division. We live in an era where fans complain about fights not being made and fighters not taking on the best challengers. This is something Lomachenko is guilty of. His avoidance of Haney is unambiguous. They call Haney a weight bully but fail to note at the 30 day weigh in for the Campbell fight Lomachenko weighed 144.5 pounds. He was almost a welterweight after two months of training. Or how he pulled Guillermo Rigondeaux up two divisions for a fight. A fighter in Haney is trying to fight anyone and everyone but yet he is ridiculed by some. Again, the dirty tactics of old media and race based fans rearing their ugly head’s.

It comes down to this. Haney is rapidly outgrowing the division. However, I believe for his legacy he will suck it up and stick around for another fight at 135. I won’t let anyone pass the narrative that Haney is avoiding Lomachenko. THAT IS A BOLD FACED LIE! In actuality Lomachenko has been avoiding Haney at light speed. Even deciding to face Teofimo Lopez leftovers in Nakatani and Commey. Haney was clamoring to fight Loma before he put pen to paper to fight those meaningless fights. Now he’s fighting his prospect sparring partner for his upcoming bout. Now that Haney has all the belts, he’s in the driver’s seat, and it’s refreshing to see Lomachenko get a taste of his own medicine. He now has to beg scratch and crawl at Haney’s feet for a chance to reach the mountain top.

However, he will never get there. Haney has all the physical advantages and he’s the better boxer. It’s his time now. Lomachenko wasted his prime years in the amateurs beating up teenagers. Boxing has sped by Loma and he looks like he’s in quicksand trying to escape. Let’s see if Haney throws him and undeserved rope. When and if they do fight, I expect Haney to win in a comfortable decision.

-Haney undisputed!

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