VIDEO: Top 50 All Time Boxing Favorites

By Boxing News - 10/24/2021 - Comments

Who are the Top 50 all time boxing fan favorites in boxing history?

There have been many heroes throughout the long rich history of professional boxing. From Jack Dempsey, to Muhammad Ali, to Mike Tyson, to Manny Pacquiao, and many others, the sport has always had its heroes who have kept paying fans tuning in. Each generation has their own group of special talents and characters who captivated the viewing audience.

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The idea behind this latest edition of the Boxing Survey Series was to include the input from long time boxing fans who have a passion for the sport in a historical context. Whereas previous installments of the Survey Series have focused on the greatest boxers in each of the traditional weight classes, the greatest boxers of all time, and must watch boxing matches from boxing history – this one focuses on FAVORITES. Hence the latest Survey.

The results in this video are based on an open survey that was conducted in the Classic Section of 61 volunteers participated, and each volunteer provided a chronological list of their Top 35 favorite boxers of all time. A scoring system (detailed in the video) was used to apply point totals to each of these 61 submissions. There were no real prerequisites; there are no wrong answers here. Each volunteer’s criteria was his own, based on one’s personal opinions and outlook.

In total, there were incredibly 472 unique boxers who received at least 1 point in this Survey. This is quite extraordinary and is indicative of the fact that a wide variety of tastes and preferences exist among observers when it comes to all time fan favorites during the long rich history of professional boxing. This video focuses its attention on the Top 50 boxers out of those 472.

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will provide a quick countdown of the results from the latest in the Boxing Survey Series – The Top 50 All Time Boxing Fan Favorites.