David Haye: I’ll only come back for Tyson Fury fight

By Boxing News - 09/12/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: David Haye beat Joe Fournier by an eight round unanimous decision on Saturday night and now he wants Tyson Fury.

Unless Fury is going to set his WBC heavyweight title to the side to face Haye, there will be a lot of boxing fans who will be angry because they won’t like Haye getting a title shot after doing nothing.

That’s the ONLY fight that Haye (28-4, 26 KOs) will come back for, and he’s not interested in having to earn the fight.

In other words, Haye wants Fury to give him a title shot off just back of his win over Fournier (9-1, 8 KOs). Haye’s excuse for not wanting to try and earn the fight with Fury is because he doesn’t want to show him what type of talent he has.

Haye would be doing himself a big favor if he were to take on someone like Filip Hrgovic, Michael Hunter, or Adam Kownacki.

Haye doesn’t want to earn Fury fight

“It’s been on my mind for a long time since 2013 when we were scheduled to fight.  The fight didn’t happen. I got an injury.

Image: David Haye: I'll only come back for Tyson Fury fight

“I’ve always wanted that fight, and I’ve seen him go from strength to strength,” said David Haye about wanting to fight Tyson Fury next.

“He’s got better and better, and his reputation has got there. He’s the lineal heavyweight champion of the world. So many people believe he’s #1,” said Haye of Fury.

“If I’m going to come back into the sport into a real fight against someone really special, that’s the guy I can beat. I know his style. I know what he does well, and my attributes don’t work for his style. I think him and his team know that.

“I think they believe I’m a little old, so they probably will take the fight. But I’m looking for the biggest fight out there,  and you don’t get any better than the 6’9” Tyson Fury. I’ll only come back for Tyson Fury,” said Haye.

It’s a bad look on Haye’s part not to be taking on top contenders so that he can earn a title shot the way other fighters do.

Haye’s reasons for not wanting to earn Fury fight

“In my mind, I don’t want to show him what I’ve got. I was able to win this fight without showing the Hayemaker. I don’t want him to know what I’ve got left. I want to surprise him on the night,” said Haye of Fury.

“It was nice to be back. Three years out of the ring, and I haven’t hit a bag. I’ve done no sparring. I had three weeks preparation for this. I got in there and I felt sharp. I was able to enjoy myself. Normally, I go out there and try and knock people out straight away.  I wanted to give the people eight rounds of entertainment, and I think the people enjoyed it.

Image: David Haye: I'll only come back for Tyson Fury fight

“I felt really good. My timing was good, and I could see the shots coming. I got caught with a few shots every now and then, but I didn’t do much sparring for this.

“Usually, I do 60, 70, or 80 rounds of sparring per fight. This time, I hardly did any.

“I felt sharp, and felt fresh. I’ve hurt my body over the years by pushing myself. I needed this rest, and I needed my body to rejuvenate. I feel like I’m ready to do some big things,”  said Haye.

What it comes down to is Haye appears to be afraid that he could get beaten if he had to fight one of the contenders

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