Tyson Fury tells Anthony Joshua: ‘I’m taking you out cold’

By Boxing News - 04/29/2021 - Comments

By Charles Brun: Tyson Fury posted a couple of Tweets on Wednesday warning Anthony Joshua that he’s going to smash him up and knock him out “cold” if/when they fight in the summer.

In the latest post, Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) says he’ll quit in his corner if he doesn’t stop him by the third round.

Obviously, Fury talking about quitting isn’t the kind of motivating thing one would like to hear from the 6’9″ heavyweight because we already saw him disappear after his win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

Currently, we don’t know if WBC heavyweight champion Fury will even get a chance to fight IBF/WBA/WBO champion Joshua (24-1, 22 KOs) in the summer months, considering his promoter Bob Arum said that the Saudi deal that promoter Eddie Hearn had been talking about has turned out to be a “Mirage.”

Heck, we don’t even know if the fight will happen between the two heavyweights and here Fury is squawking about knocking Joshua out in a match that may not happen.

In fact, Arum is now saying he’s considering putting together a deal with former WBC champion Deontay Wilder next if the Joshua fight doesn’t get done.

“I’ve just been thinking another message for AJ. AJ, if you go more than three rounds with me, I’ll quit in the corner because that’s how confident I am in taking you cold out in the first two, three rounds,” said Tyson Fury on Twitter on Wednesday night. “You’ll be out like a light switch.”

You can’t take Fury seriously when he talks about knocking out Joshua because he has little punching power to speak of. It’s fair to say that if Fury hadn’t hit Wilder with a tremendous rabbit punch in the third round of their first last year, he wouldn’t have won the fight.

Fury can throw a mean rabbit punch, but other than that, his actual power is lower-level and not to where it needs to be for him to knock out Joshua or any quality heavyweight.

That’s if you take away the rabbit punching. If Fury can get away with clubbing Joshua with rabbit punches all night as he did against Wilder, yeah, he’s got an excellent chance of knocking him out.

But you have to believe that the referee that works the Joshua-Fury fight will be told ahead of time to make sure Fury doesn’t get away with throwing rabbit punches 24/7.

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Fury got away with the rabbit punching against Wilder, but he won’t be able to do that against Joshua because the spotlight will be on him. Team Joshua will be all over the referee to make sure he does his job rather than sitting and letting him get fouled all night.